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A Reason To Get Renters Insurance

I’m not longer renting but when I did, I felt the $10 or so a month to cover my belongings wasn’t really worth it (I didn’t have much in the way of valuables). Luckily, in the two years I rented, there were no fires, floods, thefts or anything that could’ve damaged my property or my apartment. But for those of you who do rent and don’t have renter’s insurance, a good reason to get renter’s insurance is that it covers items stolen from your car in the event of a break-in. In fact, your comprehensive auto insurance will only cover items physically attached to your car (such as the stereo)… so consider me officially flipped from the “renter’s insurance is a waste” camp to the “renter’s insurance is probably a good idea, especially at a mere $10 a month” camp… but now I have a home so the more costly homeowner’s insurance makes that defection moot. (speaking of which, I need to take an inventory)