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A Roadmap to My Search For A Home

As many of the more frequent readers have known, I recently went through the daunting process of searching for a home, obtaining financing for a home, and then actually purchasing a home. The entire process was documented as it progressed (my ignorance is most obvious in the earlier posts) and so now, after the journey has concluded, a nice summary map of the entire trip would be helpful. I’ll just give a brief “executive” summary of the post and hopefully everything won’t be as disjointed and confusing. This is a very long post.

Pre-House Hunting Era

I wrote two articles before my first house hunting trip.

House Hunting Era

Pre-Offer Ratification (But Close)

We move out of the doldrums of just searching and move into a whirlwind four or five days where I am in serious contention for a home.

Ratification (I Have a House!)

The sellers picked my offer and, after a few more minor changes, after I work out the inspection, loan details, etc. I will have a home. They want to close in 2 weeks!


The first few months of home ownership are difficult since you don’t know what expenses to expect, what is covered by the escrow, etc.

Looking Back & Lessons Learned

I took a look back after a few years to see whether or not I made good decisions, bad decisions, etc. given the housing slump that followed my purchase.

I hope those of you have had the time and energy to follow along enjoyed yourselves. To those who left helpful comments, I am extremely grateful. I started the journey knowing absolutely nothing and ended it knowing a little bit more than nothing and hopefully we’ve learned something new together. Thanks!