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Gary BonnerHello! I’m Gary and I first learned of the Blueprint for Financial Prosperity Website when I linked from one of Jim’s friendly colleagues to a post on “Don’t Pay Your Dues” that Jim had written in his “Devil’s Advocate” column. The article hit the the truth on the nose. I wrote a comment on my own experience in business from the perspective of 35 years of “business warfare.” Jim e-mailed me and asked me to write a guest column that I titled “Making a Living Or Making a Life.”

Jim asked me to become a regular columnist for Blueprint for Financial Prosperity to comment on things I’ve learned that have been helpful to me over the years. He also asked that I comment on current financial and economic conditions. I realize that non-financial consumers can have a lot of different messages, products and services dished on their plates without context or “the big picture.” The amount of information and products offered can be overwhelming at times even to a financial professional.

My Background
I worked in major Money Center Banks for most of my career, not in the bank lobby, but with commercial and corporate clients and as an analyst on individual consumer credit. I reviewed literally over 10,000 individual consumer credit reports and applications in the last 10 years.

Traveling as a banker across the United States I examined and investigated companies, their operations, financial condition and management in diverse sectors. The industries ranged from aerospace, electronics, micro-chip technology to industrial machinery, wholesale distribution, construction and petroleum. Another interesting niche was the garment industry, from textiles to department stores.

Later in my career, I was National Leasing Manager for a Fortune 200 IBM compatible mainframe peripheral manufacturer. We sold millions of dollars of then state of the art equipment worldwide. I left that company and started a small business to broker used mainframe equipment. The company grew quickly and ultimately employed 14 people. The business was designed to be short lived as the equipment sold became both economically and functionally obsolete in a little over 2 years. Surveying the odds in the personal computer market, it was obvious that Apple, Dell and Compaq (now HP) were on their way to dominate the newest personal computer technology.

During a year’s sabbatical from the business wars I co-authored a technical manual designed for use by Federal Election Treasurers in accounting for campaign contributions and expenditures for U.S. Congressional Elections. We published the 200-page book, How to Prepare Your Federal Election Reports. The book defined, illustrated and gave examples of pertinent election law as regulated by the Federal Election Commission in an “Election Law for Dummies” format. We sold the exclusive rights for its use to one of the major political parties and is now out of print.

Thanks for reading so far, it’s difficult to condense a lifetime of terrific experiences and learning. Today, I am pursing my life-long dream of writing and have several projects on the table. Now out of the “river of the financial industry” I will sit on the river bank and observe trends and stories that I hope you find useful in your daily life and strategic planning.

If you wish to contact me directly, I can be reached via this contact form.

Gary Bonner

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