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Your take: Have you been affected by the shutdown?

It’s clear Americans are really annoyed about the government shutdown currently underway. A poll conducted this week by CBS News found 72 percent of Americans oppose shutting the government down over opposition to the Affordable Care Act, and Congress’ approval rating is down in the single digits.

In many ways, Americans’ outrage is justified. More than three-quarters of a million government workers are currently furloughed, and many more considered “essential” are basically being forced to receive an IOU instead of a paycheck. On top of that, many Americans have had their government benefits held up by the shutdown, and anyone who needed a fact or figure from a government website was pretty much out of luck. Heck, even the Mars Rover has been sidelined until this is over.

But there were probably millions of Americans who barely noticed the shutdown’s effects on their own lives. Social Security checks have kept going out mostly unscathed, unemployment checks keep finding their way to those hunting for jobs, and the US Postal Service continues to drop your check off at the cable company.

So here’s my question for you: Have your finances been affected by the government shutdown? If so, how?