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AirTran/Wendy’s Airline Ticket Promotion

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Ryan, a friend of mine, told me about a new AirTran Airways promotion where you can earn up to two free round-trip coach airline flight tickets with the purchase of 20-oz. or 32-oz. Coca-Cola beverages at Wendy’s. Here are the promotion details and the A+ AirTran award details. I’ll try to decipher the legalese below.

On each specially-marked 20-oz. and 32-oz. Coca-Cola beverages at Wendy’s there is a “Proof of Purchase/AirTran Flight Coupon” printed on the cup itself. Then:

Fill out a 3×5 card with your complete name, street address (no P.O. Boxes) and AirTran Airways A+ Rewards account number and mail in a handwritten business size (#10) envelope along with at least four (4) but no more than one hundred and twenty-eight (128) Proofs of Purchase/AirTran Flight Coupons per stamped envelope to:

Wendy’s/AirTran Airways Promotion
AirTran Airways Special Services
1224 Bob Harmon Road
Savannah, GA 31408

to be received by 2/13/06.

(Formatting changed from the site for readability)

For every four Proofs you send, you’ll earn one point in the A+ Airtran Rewards system for a maximum of 32 points. 32 points will get you two round-trip coach tickets on AirTran.

This is a dumpster diver’s dream!

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16 Responses to “AirTran/Wendy’s Airline Ticket Promotion”

  1. Cap says:

    oh man. but those soda paper cups get sooo sticky afterwards.


  2. Betty says:

    if any one has the wendy’s cups that is the 20 oz or the 32 oz please let me know because I need 258 of the coupons. I’ have got some of them But that what I need for right now

  3. Brooke says:

    I do! Selling them (256) on eBay for 599.99. Email me at if you want to talk!

  4. 4lp says:

    I’m collecting these like a madman – my husband’s business requires lots of unreimbursed coast-to-coast travel, so this promotion is a godsend. I usually walk out of a Wendy’s visit with 15 or so cups, mostly pilfered from the tops of the trash cans in the stores. (I have no shame.) I’m planning a midnight run to the big dumpsters so I can haul away the motherload.

    Here’s a tip – if you want an extra cup, just ask for a refill. They always give you a clean cup and let you keep your original.

    Also, as with any “free” offer, there’s a rub (alas!). The fine print of the promotion limits the maximum number flights earned to two, at 64 coupons each, for total of 128 coupons per account (not 32 as stated in the OP).

    I found the loophole (there’s always a loophole!). AirTran’s rewards program does allow you to book award tickets for others, so my parents, brother, in-laws, and maybe even the mailman will all be members before this promotion’s over. I’ll just have them book my husband’s flights once he’s taken his two freebies.

    My husband flies from DC to Los Angeles every week, at anywhere from $250 to $375 a pop. Our four free tickets alone will save us at least $1000 — once I enroll the family (provided I can scrounge enough cups), this promotion will put our savings over $5k, easy. Yippee!

  5. Richard says:

    Looking for cups to help send my daughters support team to winterguard competitions in Spring 2006!!Will buy Airtran Wendy’s cups thru 12/15 of 10 or more thru a paypal account for 25 cents a pop!!!

  6. Brent says:

    we have cups here which are 128 coupons for $150 with shipping. We have plenty and are already cut out ready to send. We even send an index card with it

  7. jim says:

    cups cost like $1.19 a piece, that’s only $152.32, why wouldn’t i just buy my own and not risk sending $150 to a stranger on the internet?

  8. Brent says:

    good point! You can go to ebay and buy them there which we are the lowest buy it now at $70 and already have sold over ten sets of 64 coupons.
    If you went to buy them at wendys you can only buy 5 at one time. This way you get them cut out and sent to your door and not having to worry about all the hassle. So maybe you would lose out on the coke but Not having to worry about all that crap and you save 2.32. If interested our auctions are on ebay and we only accept paypal to keep a safe transaction

  9. got caught says:

    my friend and i got caught diving for these cups a couple nights ago around 4 in the morn by some cops. they said it wsa illegal to dumpster dive. the fine is $350, but they let us go. crazy. we were doing great until we got caught. o well. i wonder if there are really laws against this.

  10. Angie says:

    You smell like a dumster…. that’s not worth free tickets….

  11. Terri says:

    I have 132 Wendy’s cup coupons. Cut, clean and ready to go. $150.00 includes shipping. Let me know if you are interested.

  12. I have over 2000 cups for sale. Please visit my website at to purchase securely through Paypal. I also have references listed. Feel free to contact me at 678-851-4860 with any questions. Happy Travels All!

  13. Robert brent says:

    Need to buy some cup coupons please call 7708464610 thanks bobby

  14. Chris says:

    Terri or anyone else,

    Do you still have coupons for sale? Please Email me if so, thanks! I pay via Paypal.

    Terri on 12/23/2005 at 01:06 pm
    I have 132 Wendy’s cup coupons. Cut, clean and ready to go. $150.00 includes shipping. Let me know if you are interested.

  15. Patricia Allard says:

    I sent in my Wendy’s coupons for a one way tkt. and have yet to receive it OR any further information. What should I do now? My acct. # is 2132055300

  16. Lisa Le Barron says:

    Beware of low cost airlines.
    My minor daughter, who is eight years old, was scheduled to fly on June 20, 2006 from Newport News, Virginia, to Atlanta, and from there, to Minneapolis, Minnesota, as an unaccompanied minor. She arrived on time in Atlanta, but then something apparently went terribly awry due to the negligence of one or more employees of AirTran.
    What I know has been pieced together from information given to me by personnel at the Hubert Humphrey Terminal located at the Minneapolis Airport, and by my daughter’’s father. I was not at the time, nor at any time since, able to obtain any information from AirTran. When my daughter did not arrive in Minneapolis as scheduled, and no information was available from gate personnel regarding her location, I attempted to call AirTran for information. I tried every telephone number available from the online AirTran website, to no avail. I never got through to a human being. After remaining on hold for more than an hour with AirTran, I began calling the Minneapolis Airport, and was finally connected to a woman at the Hubert Humphrey Terminal.
    She told me that, according to AirTran, my daughter had in fact boarded her flight on time in Atlanta. I then called her father (who was at the Hubert Humphrey Terminal) and asked him to have the terminal searched. My daughter could not be found, and I spent several hours without any news or information as to the location of my daughter. I finally received a call from her father, who had been able to get additional information. He told me that he was told that AirTran had “lost her paperwork” at some point after she left Newport News, and that she was put on a later flight from Atlanta to Minneapolis.
    My daughter should have arrived in Minneapolis at 2:12 p.m. I understand that she did not reach Minneapolis until at least five hours after the time she was supposed to have arrived. She informs me that she was not offered a meal – not even a snack – by AirTran personnel.
    At no time during this ordeal was I able to reach anyone at AirTran. At no time did anyone from AirTran call me, even though three telephone numbers were provided (one ordinary line to my home, my cell phone number, and her father’’s cell phone number) to AirTran before my daughter boarded her flight in Newport News. All numbers were in operation on the date in question.
    I am appalled that an unaccompanied minor could miss a flight due to the negligence of an AirTran employee. I am even more appalled that the parents of an unaccompanied minor child are not informed when a child misses a flight due to the negligence of airline personnel employed by AirTran. I am shocked that no food was offered to my child during the five-hour delay she suffered as a result of the negligence of an AirTran employee. I am very disappointed that I have received no information or apology from AirTran for the negligence of its employee or employees.
    On July 31, 2006, I wrote a letter to AirTran by certified mail, return receipt requested. My letter incorporated all of the above facts, and requested a full account of the events which occurred on June 20, 2006 within 30 days of the date of the letter. On August 4, 2006, AirTran received my letter, as appears from the certified mail receipt I received, signed by AirTran employee Tanya Stafford. As of the writing of this letter on September 27, 2006, AirTran has not responded in any way whatsoever to my letter.
    I would be happy to discuss this matter with anyone who has a minor child and who may be contemplating putting his or her child on a flight as an unaccompanied minor. Please contact me at
    I would also be happy to swear out an affidavit as to the truth of the facts in this communication.
    Thank you.
    Lisa J. Le Barron Johnson

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