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Alexander Hamilton’s Facelift (and more)

I’m all for redesigning bills to prevent counterfeiting but the $10 bill was redesigned five years ago, in 2000, and two to five years ahead of their schedule of currency updates (according to the Treasury, they want to update it every 7-10 years). I don’t want to say there are better ways to spend taxpayer’s dollars but I just did and there probably are. That being said, I like the way the new one looks and the added colors make it a lot more fun to see. For images of the new bill as well as the new versions of the $20 and $50, click below.

New $10 Bill:

New $20 Bill:

New $50 Bill:

(All images are from CNN.com)

And I found an article on CNN/Money that lists a few other currency “flops,” [3] coins or bills that were introduced but didn’t last very long. I didn’t even know about the technicolor $20 [4], that bill actually looks pretty cool.