All About Bargaineering Bucks

Bargaineering Bucks!If you’re a registered user of Bargaineering, you might have noticed a little yellow box on the right of every page talking about “Bargaineering Bucks.” What the heck are Bargaineering Bucks? They’re the points system here at Bargaineering and only registered users get to earn them (you can’t buy them).

If you are not a registered user, you can join us by clicking on Register in the top left above the logo.

Why Do You Want These Bucks?

We’ll be using Bargaineering Bucks in a variety of ways. I want to reward people who read and comment regularly, so here’s what we have planned:

  • Buying more entries in contests: Typically you get one entry for a comment, one entry for being an email subscriber, and maybe one entry for posting in the forums… well, we have a lot of one time contest entrants that come from sweepstakes blogs. I’d rather give regular readers a leg up on the competition and in the future, you’ll be able to buy additional entries into contests using Bargaineering Bucks.
  • ING Referrals: Dozens of my friends have benefited from having their ING referral links posted on this ING Referral page, registered users will be able to pay, in Bargaineering Bucks, for their links to appear there.
  • Book sales: This is a bit of a twist on the typical blog giveaway. For some books, instead of simply giving it away, we will “sell” them for Bargaineering Bucks. This gives regular readers a better chance of picking up a more prime book, rather than just giving it away to everyone who swings by.
  • Shwag: I’ve been thinking about putting together some sweet Schwag for Bargaineering, like coffee mugs, polo shirts, etc. When this comes to fruition, you’ll be able to buy them with Bargaineering Bucks.
  • TBD: There will be a lot of fun things planned for the future, so keep your eyes peeled!

How to Earn More Bargaineering Bucks

You must be logged in to earn points! To know if you’re logged in, look in the upper left corner for your welcome message.

There are several ways to earn points:

  • Registering: You have may have noticed you started with a few Bargaineering Bucks already, that’s because you get 10ββ to start!
  • Visiting Daily: Every day that you visit Bargaineering and log in, you will earn 1ββ (limit 1 per day).
  • Commenting: You will earn 1ββ for each approved comment you post. This will be credited automatically. Since many regular readers have been commenting for quite some time, email me and I’ll credit you for previous comments as long as you supply the email you used when entering comments.
  • Posts: If one of your posts is published on Bargaineering, you will earn 20ββ for each post.
  • Administrator Discretion: Periodically, administrators will award ββ for a variety of reasons be it a particular poignant comment or some other act that benefits the community. These are irregular and won’t be publicized.
  • Signing up for the Newsletter: You can earn 20ββ for signing up to the newsletter. When you sign up, forward me the confirmation email as well as your registered username and I’ll credit you the points. Please register with the same email address.
  • Point Contests: I will be holding contests where points are part of the awards.
  • Bonus Bucks Newsletter: Finally, sign up for the Bonus Bucks newsletter because if there are special offers, I send an email out to that newsletter first.

If you have any questions about Bargaineering Bucks, you can email me.

Bargaineering Bucks have no cash value and these rules are subject to change without notice.

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Advertising Disclosure: Bargaineering may be compensated in exchange for featured placement of certain sponsored products and services, or your clicking on links posted on this website.
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