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All Gasoline Brands Are The Same Old Dinosaur Bones

Cap at StopBuyingCrap.com [3] has a great post about the differences between different brands of gasoline [4] that I think is worth reading. He reaffirms my older post about how you shouldn’t buy higher octane gasoline than you need [5] but more importantly, he details the oil refining process that takes crude oil and turns it into gasoline (plus other products).

Here’s my favorite part of the article:

Tanker heading to a Shell station? Load up the gasoline, then pour in the Shell additives into the tanker. Bam. Shell gas. Tanker heading to a Chevron station? Load up the gasoline from the same terminal, add in the Chevron additives into the tanker. Ding ding. Chevron gas. … Just how much of these additives are added into the tank? The amount varies, but for some it’s a quart of additives for an 8,000 gallon tank.

For all of you out there who claim that Exxon gasoline is so much better than Shell or your no-name station next door, take that as proof positive that marketing works.