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AllThingsFinancial Calculators

If you haven’t noticed, JLP at AllThingsFinancial [3] has created several useful calculators worth taking a look at. For those that don’t know, JLP is one of the few personal finance professionals who is a blogger so you can have confidence that these calculators carry a little more credibility than most (unless JLP is bad at math, I have no idea!)… if you have a moment, please check them out and let me know what you think (or what calculator you’d like to see):

Investing and Planning
College Cost Estimator [4]
Financial Goals Calculator [5]
Life Insurance Needs Calculator [6]
Retirement Planning Comparison Calculator [7] – See how much you can possibly save retirement and compare it to the cost of waiting.
Tax Bracket History [8] – Only works for those who are Married Filing Jointly.

Annual Gasoline Costs Calculator [9] – How much does it cost you (gas, at least) to drive your car each year?