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Ally Bank Still Offering 0.25% Certificate of Deposit Loyalty Bonus

I had a 11-month No Penalty certificate of deposit maturing this month and was pleased to learn that Ally Bank [3] was still offering a 0.25% interest rate loyalty bonus [4] if you renew the CD. When you renew, you can change the maturity of the CD and even increase or reduce how much you are saving. I took the opportunity to make the 11-month no penalty CD into a whole year regular CD, juicing the interest rate up a few fractions of a percent, and called it a day.

If you wanted to take advantage of this bonus as quickly as possible (and if you don’t already have a CD there), I think you’re can just open a CD for 3 months for $1 and then renew it with more money and for a longer period. (and I bet Ally Bank wouldn’t really care!)

The best part was that the whole process took just a few minutes using their online chat. I was logged in before I started the chat and all I had to do was confirm my phone number and address. Not bad for a day’s work!