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Amazon Map’s BlockView Feature

Amazon A9 Maps has added a little twist to the classic online mapping site, something they call BlockView Images. It’s available for twelve major cities (including Fargo, ND!) and it’s basically mapping plus images of the street from a pedestrian’s point of view. For example, click on New York City, NY and it’ll load up your standard map (pointing at Times Square). Then look to your right, you’ll see a picture what it looks like there if you were standing on 46th Street and looking north. You can scroll left and right and virtually walk up and down the block! I think this is a really cool feature.

As a side note, A9.com users get a 1.57% discount (pi/2) at Amazon [3]. If you’re an Amazon [3] shopper, sign into A9.com, do some searching for a week, and the pi/2 logo should appear.