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Amazon Price Drop Policy

I’ve written about this in the past but I wanted to once again remind everyone about Amazon.com’s ridiculously awesome price drop policy [3]. The rule is that if you buy the item from Amazon (not one of their third party sellers) and the price drops within 30 days, you can get the difference refunded to your account! Now that it’s the holidays and tons of stores are slashing prices to compete, nearly every order I’ve made in the last month has had a price drop.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare [4] for the Xbox 360 cost me $59.99 on November 26th, today the price fell to $39.99 and I scored myself a $20 refund to my credit card.

By far and away the best tracking site for price drops has to be Price Protectr. All you do is enter in a URL, they find the item, and then you enter an email. They send you one email when you sign up an item and then they only send future ones if the price falls within 30 days. The email they send includes all the information you need to make a request.

The text of the email I send, through Amazon.com’s system, is always a simple:

The price of this item has dropped to $XX.XX, please refund the difference to my credit card.

Nice and easy, Amazon handles the rest like a charm. They’ll just send you a form email back indicating they made the refund.

Price drops have saved me over a hundred dollars in the last month, so it’s worth the extra minute it takes to enter it into Price Protectr.