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AmazonLocal Selling $10 Amazon.com Gift Cards for $5

This deal has ended.

I don’t usually write about these types of deals but this one seems a little too good to pass up. We buy a ton of stuff from Amazon.com and so anytime there’s a deal like this (similar to the Living Social deal last year), I snap it up.

The deal is simple – visit this link [3], and you can buy one $10 Amazon.com gift card for $5. They’ll ask you for your local area, to sign you up to their local program, and ask you to log into your Amazon.com account. From there, you can pay with one of your associated credit cards or enter a new one.

Each account can only buy one so I purchased one for me and one for my wife. They also check credit card numbers, so you’ll need to use a unique credit for each gift card but you can add the gift card to a single account. It’s a limited time offer and as of this printing, 230,983 had been purchased.

Not a bad deal, too bad they don’t appear to have a referral program! 🙂