Amazon’s Price Drop Policy

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Did you know that if the price on something you buy drops, within 30 days of your purchase date, will credit you the difference if you ask for it? It’s a not-advertised price drop policy that most people don’t know about and it’s saved me tons of money over the last few years. I didn’t know it was “secret” until I brought up recently and no one knew what I was talking about, so I thought I’d write a post all about how to take advantage of it. One of the great things about the drop policy is that it still works for orders where a coupon is involved or a “Buy Both and Save” deal is utilized. They only consider the individual item prices (based on the invoice) and not the final price after discounts!

The first step is to investigate which of your purchases may be eligible for a refund. Simply go into “Your Account” and look at all orders in the last 30 days. The items in your invoices are links so you can click on it and see if the prices match. If the price has dropped, you have a great candidate. Copy the order number because you’ll need it when you request the refund.

Then, go here: Return & Refunds Contact Form. You should see a contact form where you can now request your refund.

Change the Subject dropdown to “Refund Inquiry” and look to see if that order is one of the ones listed, check the boxes if they are. If they aren’t, you’ll have to paste in that order number in the “Other” box.

In the last year they’ve really streamlined this process, I believe all you have to do now in comments is write that the price of your item has dropped within the last thirty days and that you’d like a refund. The presence of the dropdown box probably means you can select multiple orders and just write a generic comment and it should get taken care of. In the past, I specifically called out item names, old and new prices.

Where this because beautiful, and I hope they haven’t changed, is when coupons are taken into account. If let’s say you purchase two Le Creuset pots that were $125 as a Buy Both and Save deal. Technically each pot costs a certain price if they were purchased individually (say, each are $99.99 which is not uncommon). You purchase them for a combined special price of $125, apply a $25 Kitchen and Houseware’s coupon, and have three hundred pounds of pot (ha, that sounds funny) shipped to you for $100 even. Now you find out each of the pots have dropped in price to $79.99 – simply request a refund and it will be granted, without any consideration to the Buy Both and Save Deal or the coupon!

You can request refunds on something repeatedly as long as it keeps dropping in price and no price drop sum is too small. When all it takes is an email, a mere fifty cents warrants an email to Amazon.

Want more Amazon tips? You can check Amazon Prices via your cell phone.

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37 Responses to “Amazon’s Price Drop Policy”

  1. FMF says:

    Wow! I didn’t know this! Thanks for finding it and pointing it out.

  2. Amazon’s Price Drop Policy

    As a followup to my previous entry about the discount for searching with, I thought I’d point out another nice feature of shopping at Amazon. Not many people know this, but Amazon has a price drop policy. If they lower the pric…

  3. nickel says:

    Weird, any idea why my trackback shows up a single, continuous line of text? At least that’s how it looks on my end, but the others look fine.

  4. jim says:

    I have no idea… you’d think that WordPress would be able to play nice with itself… I edited the trackback so it looks “normal.”

  5. Slaughter says:

    I used to work for, this is totally legit and you would be surprised at the number of people that will call on the last possible day to get a refund and its usually for the same products that they all purchased at the same time.

    It seems sort of fishy from a Customer Support side, but we were told that there is a 30 day price drop policy that we would honor it with no questions asked, so I would suggest that you set up a reminder or something to check the prices before the 30 day window.

    Also during that time the discounts on the products may go up or down, then back up, so make sure that you contact them when the price is the lowest, but say you buy a camera for $400, 2 weeks later its $380, you call/email, they give you $20 back, but what if the price still falls to say $360 another week later, well call back and you’ll get another $20, but it has to be within 30 days, because if they don’t honor that price you can request a RML (Return Merchandise Label) and return it then reorder it, then you start costing them money to restock items, etc, so its cheaper for them to just honor the price.

  6. KD says:

    It works.

    I requested price adjustments on two of my holiday purchases last night (on one, I had used a coupon and had paid less than the current listed price). I was credited the difference between the list price at my time of purchase and the list price today. Fantastic!

  7. Roomba says:

    I would think that this would be an up front thing, kinda like circuit city, best buy or fry’s sales deals. Talk about buy now and feel good about. I know if it will be on sale next week I still will get a god deal.

  8. Jason says:

    This rocks dude, I’m checking my last month with Amazon!

    [edited to remove a partypoker promo]

  9. Thomas Valen says:

    Does anyone know if this holds true outside the US as well, say with for example?

  10. KK says:

    This Site will check your purchases everyday and send you an email if the price has dropped. In the email will be a link right to the place where you claim your credit.


    Edit: URL no longer exists

  11. Fame says:

    i once pre-ordered a book and my credit card was charged before the book had even been published so a couple of months later when it finally shipped, the price had already dropped… i just dropped customer services a note and they refunded the difference….
    on another note… i just checked out the prices of items i’ve purchased over 05 and all the prices have gone up… cynical me is thinking, the amazon xmas sale isn’t actually a sale?!!

  12. says:

    Trick on Amazon’s Price Drop Policy
    Jim at Blueprint shared his tips on Amazon’s price drop policy – If you have bought something and found out the price drops, you can ask for a credit of the difference within 30 days of your purchase. The little Amazon hack behind that is that y…

  13. says:

    Amazon’s Price Drop Policy

    Did you know that if the price on something you buy drops, within 30 days of your purchase date, will credit you the difference if you ask for it? It’s a not-advertised price drop policy that most people don’t know about and it’s saved…

  14. Bret says:

    Previous post, I had an incorrect link.

    I have a similar but more generic website that also tracks Amazon prices. It sends out a single email when the price drops. It will only send out one email per day per person. The email will contain all the new lower prices. It is a very useful service that is free.

    Price Watching Service

  15. venture says:

    Thanks…I’m $5+ already!!!


    The discounts we offer for items on our web site do vary from time to
    time. I’ve checked your order, and found that we now offer a greater
    discount on “[…]” than at the time you placed your

    Since this item was shipped so recently, I have requested a refund of
    $5.45 to your credit card. […]

    [edited for length]

  16. Does Owe You Money?

    Most customers don’t know it (I had no idea!), but if they buy an item and then the price drops within 30 days, they can ask Amazon to refund the difference. So any time you make purchase at Amazon, it’s a good idea to create a reminder fo…

  17. hypotheken says:

    Hi, I think you are totally right. Great! – 🙂 Susan.

  18. FMF says:

    Great tip, Jim! How in the world do you find these things out anyway???? 😉

  19. NCN says:

    Hey! I cannot believe that I did not know about this! You rock! Thanks for posting this information. I was able to use this for my eBay experiment! Everything worked perfectly with Amazon, and I received a response from them in less than 2 HOURS! Yay.
    I even did a blog post about this…

    Thanks again, NCN

  20. I finally had an occasion to use this advice!

  21. Cody says:

    Thanks a ton i was wondering if this was possible so i googled it and found this because i noticed today the beatles rock band that can in today the price dropped from 61 to 55 then to 51 which is about a 10 dollar difference and a nice refund i already got a hell of a deal on it and 1 day shipping for 3.99 i was very pleased and now a ten dollar refund thanks a ton! glad i found this

    • JD says:

      so did you actually get the money? the article is from 2005 but now on amazon’s website it says they do not give price change refunds except on pre orders. but it still works?

  22. SOM says:

    I just called Amazon and as long as you’re within the 30 day window and the price difference is at least $20 they’ll refund your money.

  23. abp says:

    I just got my refund from amazon,
    they told me it has to be within 7 days
    and at least a twenty dollar difference

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