American Drivers Can’t Complain About Gas Prices

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Gasoline prices get a much needed respite and guess what happens?

GM sells twice to three times as many Chevy Tahoes (17mpg), Suburbans (17mpg), and Cadillac Escalades (15mpg).

Ford Expedition (16mpg) and Lincoln Navigator (15mpg) sales increased 40% in October.

Chrysler sales of Jeeps (Wrangler, 18mpg) spiked 29%.

Sales of Chevy Aveos (30mpg) and Cobalts (28mpg) fell 31% and 43% respectively.

Toyota sold 8.6% fewer Priuses (sp?) (55mpg).

So, the next time Americans complain about gas prices, I’m going to complain about American stupidity.

Source: CNN Money

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41 Responses to “American Drivers Can’t Complain About Gas Prices”

  1. Jacob says:

    However the American car companies have been makeing gas guzzlers since the beginning. And, the government has always kept our prices low, Until a President in the oil business came into power. The American consumer is Not to Blame. We are Americans! Consumers do not buy big SUVs because they want to guzzle gas, but we are SUV and Truck people. The people to blame are the Economists, Car Manufactuers, and the Govenment. They should have seen this coming way ahead of time. Now they throw their mistake at the public and starve the working man and young families. Only the rich can keep moving with prices like this, it is a complete punch in the stomach to the lower income or new families. And those families are not to blame if they need a big car, it is the decision makers to blame for making their cars guzzle so much gas and not forseeing and correcting this problem

  2. Michelle says:

    I live in a small town and to get to next large town to work I have to drive 30 minutes each way. I have a Honda Pilot and while it is decent on gas I am filling up 1 time a week at 75.00 per fill up. I live 2 miles from Wal Mart so it is not running there that does the damage. I have to go to work and I dont think hard working Americans that are just trying to hold it together should have to pay 5.00 a gallon for gas. I really am concerned about the people who make minimum wage. How in the world are they supposed to make it. All of this is going to turn the middle and low class people into people living off the government because it is cheaper than working. That is SAD!!! And no I dont drive a Pilot because I love sporting a huge vehicle, I have 3 children I have to haul around. Maybe the election will make things turn around. That is my hope.

  3. Tanya says:

    RALPH has made the truest statement that I’ve seen so far in this blog! People are so naive, believing the B.S. that the media is told to feed us. If you guys believe for ONE SECOND, that gas prices are high because of SUV’s, you couldn’t be FURTHER from the truth. Anybody know what Bush, Chainey and Rice were doing before they got into the White House? You guessed it-OIL. Now it’s a HUGE coincidence to me that since Bush has been in office, gas prices have QUADRUPLED. Long gone are the days gas was .89 cents a gallon. Bush is lining his pockets so good, that his next ten generations will not even know what a job is. You guys can sit there and believe the lies the media is forced to tell you if you want. One minute, it’s hurricaine Katrina that “drove the prices up”. The next mext minute, it’s the “higher demand for gas” during the summer. This is SUCH BULL. People fought and made statements about this in 2005. Prices went down. But now, people have given up, and Bush makes any excuse in the world to rise up gas prices. Ask yourselves this, people: When Clinton was in office, did we not have hurricaines Andrew and Hugo? Those hurricaines caused MASSIVE damage and gas prices didn’t do up ONE CENT. And are you telling me people didn’t travel as much as they do now and have SUV’s when Clinton was in office? But as soon as we get that greedy, war criminal in office, someone sneezes and the price of gas goes up. People, we are getting GOUGED; that’s all there is to it. Bush is on his way out, and he is getting all he can while he cripples his own country. And as long as we sit back and let him do it, he’s going to bleed us dry. You can’t tell me that the so-called richest country in the world has no control over making these oil companies explain their need for gas being this damn high. Especially when we have something as powerful as the I.R.S. that can audit you, and demand you show proof of income and if your explanation isn’t up to par, they have the power to SHUT YOU DOWN. I’m talking levys, taking control of everything you own to see to it that the government gets his, but these oil companies have taken OVER our economy and there’s nothing no one can do? I just won’t buy that. We are getting BLED DRY and as long as no one asks, Bush is going to continue to okay the rising cost of gas, simply because he can get away with it. So while you guys have stopped thinking for yourselves and have become brainwashed enough to believe and accept the “BUSHit” about why these prices are up and up and up, the Bushes and his buddies over at the oil companies are laughing at how stupid we’ve become. It’s a travesty. Think for yourselves and take action. A few persons can’t fight alone. We have control most of us aren’t even aware of. I guarantee if we ALL stayed home ONE weekend; just ONE, they will FEEL the hurt just as we have. Think about it. That’s all I’m saying.

  4. Jim Carnall says:

    I believe that the reason gas prices are high and going higher is because the american people focus on buy “lil economy CRAP boxes” because they get 30 miles to the gallon. so the oil producers hear things like “by the year 2010 we need to have ALL vehicle manufactures producing “CRAP” vehicles that get 35 MPG. I personally drive an AMERICAN VEHICLE that gets 14 MPG city and 20 MPH Highway…So! my point is “PEOPLE keep buying those CRAP BOXES” so GAS PRICES an continue to rise. Thank You

  5. Tanya says:

    I respect your opinion because we are ALL entitled to them, but people have been talking about Hybrid cars for the last 15 years. And the sales of SUV’s are INCREASING, so you may want to rethink your theory. To check these facts, you can either google them, OR go to consumer There you will find the FACTS that over powers ALL our opinions.

  6. madmax_2069 says:

    Someone somewhere needs to step in and kick the car manufacturers butt to force them to STOP making these POS gas suckers. I myself drive a car that gets 34+ MPG and the gas price of today is making it seem like i am driving one of those POS gas whores.

    and another thing is WTF is up with having diesel fuel way more then the highest grade gas, if people dont know is that diesel fuel cost less to manufacture then the lowest grades of gas you can find. the price of fuel is making everything we buy more expensive. ( someone told me its supply and demand) but still there is more gas powered cars/trucks/whatelse in the world then there are semi or diesel fuel powered cars/trucks. can you guess what one uses more per day/week/year.

    And what do you mean i can’t complain about gas prices, i am not the one that gave the car manufaturers the plan to build those mamoth POS SUVs only getting 10MPG (which is causing more gas consumption, which its making the gas companys more money hungry).

    like i said i own a small mazda that gets 34+ MPG and the price of gas/fuel makes me feels like i am driving my moms old 78 caddy.

    all it is is money hungry gas/oil companys wanting to make more money, so they raise the price of gas/fuel to line there pockets. it needs to stop and it is going to take boycotting of epic perportions to see any effect. if people will only realize that this is not right, and its not OK to take it up the ass. people need to get overthemself and stand up and fight

  7. April says:

    HELLO!!!! I am not one that has bought a gas guzzler, but I can understand why Americans would….Americans are having large families or some are having to car pool other children around. Americans are getting more involved with their Children and Activities….

    Having to haul more people around in your vehicle, requires a Larger Gas Guzzler, to do so…

    So should we as Americans be punished with rising gas prices because we want to get our Children involved in Outdoor Activities or because we take more family trips????? Do we sacrafic our Family Time because we simply cant afford to fill our Tanks up?????

  8. Heath says:

    Alledgedly, the gas companies operate on a “fixed” profit of 0.08/gallon. Yet, with American oil consumption down 6-10%, oil companies continue to see record profits.

    I am struggling to understand how less = more with a “fixed” profit.

    So, who do we call? What do we do?

    Is it time for another Boston tea party?

  9. Joseph S. says:

    You know this is what kills me about gas. On TV they are showing ads saying that we get 80% of the oil from the US not overseas from the Arabs they say we are self sufficient could’ve fooled me at 3.99 a gallon. Well ok if we buy most of the oil from here why are we paying $140 bucks for a barrel. Who cares what OPEC says sell it cheaper to our on people and sell to everybody else for $140 a barrel I bet they would still make money and lots of it. Have they even spent any money on finding better and cheaper more efficient ways to refine crude oil probably not. Lets see refining oil for over 100 years should have it down to a T. Oh and lets see the president gets a paycheck from whom each month an oil company wow no wonder the oil companies don’t have investigations on why they profit so so much. Don’t let him lie to you what was daddy and he before they were governors and presidents oil men. I would say impeach him but I don’t know if number 2 is any better since guess what he is an oil man too. Now this will probably sound a little conspiracy theorist to some. Can anyone tell me how many patents do the Oil Companies have on products and devices that will get us better gas mileage than what we get on the hybrids say 50mpg or better. Somebody that gets paid more money and has more time than I do needs to look into that. They might find a whole bunch and the oil companies say it would not be worth the price it cost to put things like that on cars and trucks. Well lets see I have a cheap way of increasing gas mileage(this is not a an ad for me either) Well lets see coffee can, purified water, baking soda, a few wires and a toggle switch and you have extra gas mileage up to 30% better a tank. Wow 35 dollars and instead of 400 miles to a tank you get around 520 and lets see to run it after its installed about 1.00 or less a tank. (Sorry just getting a point across). Bad thing is it was probably found by an 8th grader with a C- wanting a better grade and his/her science project not a high paid scientist. What’s even worse about that is, a farmer can make gas out of corn and that was made before they even had cars. Bet he wasn’t a scientist and probably didn’t even have a 3rd grade education.

    Now lets move to the car companies since I picked on the oil companies. I won’t rant to long I hope. Lets see they have been making cars for over 100 years they have gotten a lot of advancements except gas mileage. Lets see the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s cars got about 17 miles to a gallon more or less just an average. Let’s see late 70’s early 80’s cars started getting a lot better. Lets just say since recently I read a 1981 Honda Civic Ad guess how much it got per gallon? 34. Yep that’s right 34 what does the new 2008 Honda Civic get? 34. Yep that’s right also 34. Kinda scary huh? Lets pick on VW 1981 VW small diesel boast 51mpg lets see 2008 small diesel gets 38mpg. Wow they jumped backward on that one. ( These are estimated mileages not exact.) I think back in 1981 the average mpg for a car was 23.1 in 2007 I think it was around 25.1(again estimates) What is that 26 years and the average mpg has increased 2 gallons per mile. Wow now thats something to brag about. Let’s also see; the average gas price in 1979 was .85 cents a gallon 2008 $4.00 a gallon and most of the rise in cost is because of who would have guessed it OPEC. Coffee warmers and Drink Coolers in the cup holder, they can tell you where to buy the gas and how to get somewhere and even come get you if your broke down but only 2 miles extra a gallon average in 26 years. They say they make better cars average car last 10 years on the road or less today; 1960’s, 70’s I still see on the road today. ( Now they have had some work) Lets see how many 1980’s vehicles are stil on the road almost none that I see.(estimate) Now I do buy American GM myself but I am still mad as hell at all the manufacturers for screwing us like that. They get fat checks from the oil companies and keep the mpg’s low so that gas companies make tons of money. (Speculation but good Speculation I’m sure most will agree) Now don’t get me wrong I like most of the import cars but I like knowing that when I buy a car that an American worker gets a pay check and can feed his/her kids. (I don’t think that’s racist just job security for the American People and nowdays jobs are hard to find)

    Now if the owner of the website would put this in a few big newspapers and lets see how many car manufacturers and oil companies get pissed off. Not because it’s a lie but because they know it’s true.

    And Heath I almost agree with you but if we did that the EPA would be after us the FBI, who knows how many other 3 letter agencies not to mention the oil company. Last one I don’t really care about but the 3 letter agencies do tend to rattle me a little.

    Anyone who reads this and has better penmanship than I needs to start a Bill that would make the oil companies, car manufacturers, or anyone for that matter that have patents on anything that would increase gas mileage shall have to give it up to the people.
    Also write another stating the US will not allow OPEC to have any control over the oil that is drilled in our country, province, or any land the US controls or is the military power in said country. Some would say we can’t do that, hell the government does just about anything they want to do anyway why not. Look at where we’re at right now. (Iraq)

    For whomever reads this Thank You for taking the time.

  10. mike m says:

    i have said it all along we are being screwed by the oil companies via g.bush and company, gas goes up at a threat of a storm yet when a barrel of gas goes down we hardly see a dent in price reduction. we have a president with the lowest approval rating in the history of our country and he wants us to put another republican back in there, are we nuts. belive it or not im a republican, but damn if obama is begining to gain my support if nothing else out of fustration over this administration.

  11. renae says:

    IF the media would shut up !!1 and stop this speculating all the time, alot of this gas gouging would stop. !!!
    The stupid government doesn’t care that most americans are struggling because of gas prices. I have seen many many hurricanes where I live, and only since katrina has this gas hike started. I don’t remember gas going up with Hugo, or others.
    If we Americans would have put our foot down after Katrina and sat at home instead of running all the time, just go to work and places we have to, instead of all of these sports events and hellholes, we could have put a stop to this. but NO, we just kept paying more and more. It went to $2, and we just kept driving, it went to $3 and we just kept driving.
    Even I did it, and then I finally had to tell my girl to choose between marching band or softball, cos I am a widow that is an american citizen who is living off of $16,000 per year, and there are no jobs where I live.
    LEt them eat that gas, and let’s put a stop to it. Just do the necessary running and we will see if that works. and if that doesn’t work, lets all take one more trip to Washington and pay some congressmen and women a visit. they get paid to represent us but they are too busy sinning to pay any attention to us. what are they going to do. Lock us all up. ?
    and we need to do something about all of these illegal criminals from mexico sucking the welfare system dry, that money should go to AMERICANS . We are the ones that put into the system. I am sick of all of this mooching off america. I’m ready to slap the crap out of someone.
    Also the media. stop trying to ram your liberal ideas down my throat, i am not stupid.

  12. An8thGradersPointOfView says:

    i don’t think you are wrong, but you are not completely right. a toyota “hybrid” can not carry a family of 6, neither can it haul trailers.

  13. An8thGradersPointOfView says:

    also, the hybrids battery’s are very flammable and pron to catch fire.

  14. KevinMac says:

    I really can’t wrap my head around all the complaints about high gas prices in America. Yes, they have increased dramatically, but to be fair they were absolutely tiny compared to world prices before, especially when you factor in the higher personal income there; higher average income and low gas prices means you all got spoilt. Now the prices are jumping (to not even half what we pay in Europe) there’s an outcry. So, you have a few less luxuries now, well damn, I’m going to have to send my charity money to you instead. And the case for having larger cars is daft. People here who drive SUVs but don’t use them for anything other than ferrying the family get laughed at – you can even buy spray on mud in some places so you can make your tank look like it’s a working vehicle! Why? Unless you use the things on a farm or some other similar capacity, you DO NOT need a huge vehicle. My sister has operated perfectly well with a Nissan Almera – a subcompact – for years with four kids.
    Even if you have more children, there are purpose built vehicles for larger families, MPVs like the Vauxhall Zafira, which has 7 seats and does around 30mpg.
    America has a stupid carbon footprint. Do us all a favour and do something practical about it other than bitch that you pay more than you used to at the pumps.

  15. aua868s says:

    Gas prices in Asia is almost the same as in USA…Kick in the low salary in Asia…u will understand that Americans are lucky!

  16. Anonymous says:

    hey Aua868s, your comment is one reason why gas prices are high, you need to complain to the government. I dont give a crap how high gas prices are in another country, I care how high they are here. you people need to get it together. they need to start refining oil here in america and stop importing. the government wants to keep you down by all these taxes, not pumping oil here, and most of all giving our tax money away to other countries. Ask yourself who is going to help us when the government runs this counrty into the ground, by helping other countries and not helping us more.

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