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American Express Flip Mino Video Camera Giveaway

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AMEX + Bargaineering = 10 x Flip MinoAmerican Express wants to give away ten Flip Mino video cameras to ten readers.

The giveaway is in conjunction with a big promotional push they’ve been doing for their American Express Charge Cards and the Membership Rewards program, AMEX’s reward points catalog. They want to give readers a taste of the types of rewards they have in the Membership Rewards catalog… so they’re giving away ten Flip Mino video cameras.


While I don’t have an AMEX charge card, one of my AMEX credit cards earns Membership Rewards points and I’ve accrued quite a tidy sum of them over the last couple of years. I’ve always been a huge fan of the Southwest Rapid Rewards points because we live near a huge Southwest airport, Baltimore Washington International, and they convert at a very attractive rate. Also, when it comes to gift giving time, I usually turn to the gift cards in the catalog because I can get favorable conversion rates and gifts cards that people love. That’s a win-win there.

So how do you enter to win one of these Flip video cameras? Answer this question in the comments below or in a post on your own blog (in case you want to get more in depth, some people have emailed me saying that a comments box just isn’t large enough to fit what they want to write… which can only help your chances!), linking back to this post:

What is the savviest way you have made your money work harder for you this holiday season?

(if you opt to blog about your savviest way, please email me too just in case the trackback doesn’t come through)

This contest will be open until noon on December 22nd, 2009, when we will select the ten best answers to win a Flip Mino camera. This isn’t a random drawing so try to be creative, we want to see some interesting ideas that other people can use to be savvier with their money. Three of the cameras will be earmarked for creative ideas from registered readers on the Bargaineering Bucks Leaderboard (AMEX rewards their cardmembers, we reward our loyal readers!).

One entry per person and household (we’re not shipping more than one camera to any one address, even if you have a cornucopia of savvy money ideas) and void where prohibited.

Get your thinking caps on and good luck!

Thank you for all the entries, I will post the first names of winners once they’ve been selected, validated, contacted, and confirmed.

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380 Responses to “American Express Flip Mino Video Camera Giveaway”

  1. KKarnes says:

    We budgeted for our Christmas fund at the beginning of the year. This helped us be thinking all year long about how much we had to spend & kinds of gifts we’d like to get. By the end of October, we had a pretty complete idea list which we split up–hubby got the fun shopping (he loves it, I don’t!). I did the functional online shopping. It’s our 1st year doing it this way, but so far so good. Thanks to FPU for getting us on the right track!!

  2. Cat says:

    I planned out exactly what my budget was for each person, stuck to it, and bought everything through websites that participate in Ebates or Upromise and offer free shipping. I spent my $200 budget and have gotten $8 back from Upromise and $12 from Ebates. It doesn’t seem like too much, but I effectively got 10% off, never paid for shipping, and only paid sales tax on one transaction. If you count my rebates, I came in 18% under budget!

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  4. Sarah says:

    First I list down all the things/gifts that I plan to buy. Search those gifts online and see if I can find some great deals. Discount coupons and the like are love. I also compare the prizes of an item in every store that I can think of. And buy the cheapest one with a good deal.

    And there are also times that it’s hard to pick a gift for someone so I just decide to make a personalized card for them. It’s really cheap since I only use materials available in our house like cutouts from a magazine, glue, paper puncher, stamps, etc. and recycling the used papers I have. I only need to spend an extra amount of my time and a little bit of money to finish the card. I guess the message inside would do all the talking. Anyway, it’s better that you remembered that special someone, right. 🙂

  5. Frank Jerome says:

    The savviest way I had my money work harder for me this holiday is by contributing to Kiva. I made a goal last holiday to contribute to a different country through every month for all of 2009 and I am excited to say that I adhered to it, especially since I did my December contribution.

    I say this because I firmly believe that the best way to make money work hard for us is by sharing it with others who are in need of it. It is a simple act of kindness and being grateful to the society that allowed me to live comfortably, I thought it to be my obligation to share part of that with those who drew the short straws in life. It is an idea that Warren Buffett taught me and I firmly believe in it.

    I also believe that when you help others, it benefits all of mankind collectively. If this is not money working hard, I don’t know what is.

    Thank you and I appreciate the opportunity to win a Flip. 🙂
    Have a pleasant day.


  6. Ken Dellmire says:

    I never realized how many Rewards Points I accumulated on my credit card. They sure came in handy in “purchasing” Christmas gifts. I never even had to open up my wallet!

  7. Dana Joy Sartin says:

    Being a senior on a fixed income, I really took advantage of the Amazon/Walmart price war this year. With Amazon’s lightning specials, and free shipping, several of us in the family co-gifted our loved ones with way nicer gifts than we each could have afforded individually!

  8. amanda h says:

    I entered a lot of giveaways online to get presents for family members. It was a very cheap (free) way to get them all something nice! Just required alot of work but was totally worth it. I also signed up for alot of store newsletters because usually when you first sign up for their emails, they give you some kind of promo deal and every percentage off helps! I signed up for a Macy’s card too to get an extra 20% my purchases that day so I made sure to get more than a few gifts there! It was awesome. And I also attended Walmart’s PRE BLACK FRIDAY Saturday sales and saved a bundle on electronics, which like the giveaways, took extra time and effort on my behalf but saved me alot of money! And I too believe in “paying it forward” so after receiving these deals, I gave to pet shelters and Cancer. And if I win, I am giving this flip to my friend Jaime, she’s been dying for once for her upcoming honeymoon! Thank you!!!!

  9. I created a faux “hedge fund” for my dating budget. I allow myself $75 per week, and any money that doesn’t get spent during that week is automatically transferred into a “surplus” savings account, which I can transfer back into the date fund within the month if needed. If there is still a balance in the “surplus” savings account by the end of the month it automatically transfers into my Roth IRA.

    Automation for the win!

  10. ECHC says:

    Sales, Coupons, and Discounts!

    Before purchasing ANYTHING online or heading to the malls, I search for online coupon codes or printable coupons. I also have been doing online searches to see who sells the products for less or is running the best promotions. I’ve started following many blogs like “fantabulously frugal” and similar sites to see what is featured each day and the deals and steals. I haven’t bought anything ‘full price’ in two months!

  11. Danny says:

    Not only do I try to save money, but I try to save money by saving in ways that help others or help me be healthier. I normally shop at Whole Foods (which everyone knows is expensive), I try to cut back on how often I go there and try to plan the trips there only when I know I need something that is only offered at Whole Foods or hard to find otherwise. I reuse my bags and save 5% to help the environment while giving myself a discount. Believe it or not, this is pretty close to how much the mark up is at WF compared to regular grocery stores. While I am there, I purchase items that are on sale and make food for the week. I use leftovers for lunch and have completely stopped buying my lunch each day from take out places.

    I currently live with my parents and am not charged rent. I started putting “rent” in an account that I am using to save for a house. I put my savings into a CD with no fees and I use my check card as much as possible rather than cash to benefit my “keep the change” program. I even upgraded my card to get 10% back on my keep the change rather than 5%. I also switched my visa card to an interest free, cash back program. It should be known that my American Express is still my card of choice though!

    I traded in my leased car early and negotiated the trade in to be $1000.00 more than the buy out. I used the savings for a down payment on a car that uses cheaper gas and has a lower monthly payment. Also, I took advantage of the tax rebate for buying a new car.

    I stopped shopping at designer stores and purchase my clothes from TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I find they have the same styles at an upwards of 70% off the normal price. The first place I check is the clearance rack. I am still wearing Lucky Jeans, but not many people know that I got them for 6 dollars rather than 75.

    I am doing a lot of group presents this year. My Girlfriend and I are treating my parents to a dinner and a night out, rather than both buying them each separate presents. I am using rewards points from my corporate American Express card to purchase the dinner and the show we are going to, and using Marriott points from my travels to pay for the hotel we are putting them up in. Normally that would have been a 600 dollar night. The only thing we will pay for are tips and taxi’s instead! (I only use the hybrid taxis!)

    There are many ways to save, but try to keep the environment and others in the loop as saving can be contagious! Show people how you save, and they will want to do it and so on!

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  12. Jeff Rose says:

    This is the first year that we used a credit card to make all our purchases. We pay off all our complete balance at the end of the month and then collect our points. Easiest money we’ve ever made.

  13. Kelly P says:

    I love making a donation in someone’s name as a holiday gift. Places like OxFam, The IRC, Acumen Fund, Susan G Komen and WWF for instance. Or to organizations/funds that are close to the recipient’s heart like -scholarship funds or research programs. This way the money I spend is really put to use in a positive and productive way and the recipient appreciates the gesture.

  14. My savviest move for saving money this Christmas season was developing a plan for our extended family gift exchanges. As everyone continues to get married and/or have children, the Christmas gift-buying lest was getting very long & out of control.

    I suggested that instead of buying a gift for everyone, we should draw names and each buy only one, nicer gift for one individual. Everyone loved the idea! Now we have less stress and will spend less cash on our gifts this year.

  15. MrBill says:

    A 3%APR CD matured and the current rates are very low at less than 2%APR, so I placed the money in a municipal bond mutual fund that is paying about 3%APR and has appreciated in value too. Also, I reinvest those dividends, which are paid monthly in more shares of the fund. And the dividends are tax free. No more bank CDs for me!

  16. Shanny says:

    I saved money all year and paid cash for Christmas! No interest. Interesting… =P

  17. Peggy Bouchard says:

    I start shopping right after Christmas for next year, I just add 1 size to the clothes I buy for grandchildren and I watch for coupons and special sales and no shipping sales on line.I also have items shipped to their house instead of mine if it is close to Christmas saves me mailing costly items. I plan on spending $20-30., dollars a month each month and I have a special place to put presents in my house so I don’t forget where they are I put a tag on each present bought so I won’t forget who the present is for.

  18. Peter says:

    We started saving money in a bank account that is not easily accessible. That means that come time for holidays, travel, and even emergency spending – we have money to use. Gonna keep this up until we have a pretty sizeable emergency fund and then scale it back a little bit. It’s been great so far, though. If something comes up we’re free to take care of it.

  19. Jean says:

    We booked plane tickets for longer duration so they were much cheaper (still not cheap though), and are working remotely for a few days!

  20. Lisa says:

    My tip: Instead of Christmas gifts to teachers, coaches, etc. our family gives Thanksgiving gifts. It takes a bit of preplanning, but it’s a great was to save money, reduce stress at Christmas and stand out from the crowd. While Christmas shopping, there’s usually Thanksgiving-themed merchandise (kitchen towels, hand towels, throw blankets, tablecloths and runners, picture frames, other Thanksgiving decorations) at substantial discounts – sometimes 90%. I will tuck these away to use next year. My son, husband and I sign a Thanksgiving card, being sure to include a reason why we are thankful for this person. The Thanksgiving gift stands out because no one else does this, and the gift is actually used, since not many people buy specific Thanksgiving decorations. The comments we have received over the years have been overwhelmingly positive. Thanks for asking for ideas!

  21. Ken says:

    I use Fatwallet and slick deals (plus a few other places) to find reviews and deals on the gear i am buying for xmas gifts.

  22. I was able to save quite a lot this Christmas by planning ahead and using the internet. I made my shopping list and then watched for and searched for sales, free offers, discounts, and coupons. I was able to get great deals on all the gifts I wanted and free shipping on most it! Even some of the gifts (like photo calendars) were free! There have been lots of printable coupons, too, that I was able to use at local stores for things like toys, clothing, and toiletries. I subscribe to many blogs that post these deals and also to newsletters of the shopping sites. It really takes only a few minutes a day to skim through what’s available and it’s been well worth the time! An added bonus…I did a lot of my Christmas shopping in my pajamas with a cup of hot cocoa at hand!

  23. Molly says:

    I have taught myself to knit and make all sorts of things. It is a homemade Christmas at our house!

  24. Jack says:

    First, we have been buying certain special things for particular gift recipients on sale throughout the year. Second, we have talked to the kids about the advantages of receiving cash, including is they can combine cash from several givers, and then pick out something they really want from after Christmas clearance sales, and even possibly buy some things together they both are interested in – now they are excited about the possibility of getting cash and relatives don’t have to fret what to get them if they aren’t sure, worry about potentially duplicating gifts, packing and shipping, etc.

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