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American Express Flip Mino Video Camera Giveaway

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AMEX + Bargaineering = 10 x Flip MinoAmerican Express wants to give away ten Flip Mino video cameras to ten readers.

The giveaway is in conjunction with a big promotional push they’ve been doing for their American Express Charge Cards and the Membership Rewards program, AMEX’s reward points catalog. They want to give readers a taste of the types of rewards they have in the Membership Rewards catalog… so they’re giving away ten Flip Mino video cameras.


While I don’t have an AMEX charge card, one of my AMEX credit cards earns Membership Rewards points and I’ve accrued quite a tidy sum of them over the last couple of years. I’ve always been a huge fan of the Southwest Rapid Rewards points because we live near a huge Southwest airport, Baltimore Washington International, and they convert at a very attractive rate. Also, when it comes to gift giving time, I usually turn to the gift cards in the catalog because I can get favorable conversion rates and gifts cards that people love. That’s a win-win there.

So how do you enter to win one of these Flip video cameras? Answer this question in the comments below or in a post on your own blog (in case you want to get more in depth, some people have emailed me saying that a comments box just isn’t large enough to fit what they want to write… which can only help your chances!), linking back to this post:

What is the savviest way you have made your money work harder for you this holiday season?

(if you opt to blog about your savviest way, please email me too just in case the trackback doesn’t come through)

This contest will be open until noon on December 22nd, 2009, when we will select the ten best answers to win a Flip Mino camera. This isn’t a random drawing so try to be creative, we want to see some interesting ideas that other people can use to be savvier with their money. Three of the cameras will be earmarked for creative ideas from registered readers on the Bargaineering Bucks Leaderboard (AMEX rewards their cardmembers, we reward our loyal readers!).

One entry per person and household (we’re not shipping more than one camera to any one address, even if you have a cornucopia of savvy money ideas) and void where prohibited.

Get your thinking caps on and good luck!

Thank you for all the entries, I will post the first names of winners once they’ve been selected, validated, contacted, and confirmed.

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380 Responses to “American Express Flip Mino Video Camera Giveaway”

  1. Barbara J says:

    I’ve been buying things here and there throughout the year as I see they are on sale. Lots of online price comparisons and also using coupons from sites like retailmenot to save and get free shipping!

  2. Heather Churchill says:

    I donate to charities at Christmas time. Each charity can make the best use of my funds.

  3. matk54 says:

    to make our money work harder this holiday season, we purchased many items through Ebates (online). By utilizing this method we saved on our time, gas, and earned rebates on our purchases.

  4. Jordan says:

    Bargain hunting on Black Friday using SlickDeals and other websites

  5. Safeway_Sage says:

    Simply put, I figured out how to stop the bleeding.

    My goal in life is simply to make more then I spend on a daily basis. Even if I spend one cent less then I earn in a day, then I know it has been a victory. If i want to buy something, I save up for it in a special fund. I have emergency savings for those unthinkable things.

    I have simplified my life. It helps me keep my spending under control.

    That’s it…


  6. Melissa Rodgers says:

    The way I’ve been able to my money work harder this holiday season is by e-mailing companies to ask for any specials, coupons, discounts, or anything they can send or offer to help towards Christmas gifts. You’d be surprised how many are willing to help. (Especially so close to the holiday season!) I was able to get most of my son’s Christmas presents this way. Free science kits, puzzles, stuffed animals, even a free snow coaster, tobaggen, shovel, and other snow gear! Others just offered discounts, or coupons off their items which really helped if I was going to buy any already. So I didn’t have to feel bummed, because I didn’t have a sale or coupon for an item I needed. Because I knew I could just ask, as many times the companies are really to help! Now I have just been trying to enter contests (haven’t won anything yet, but trying) to hopefully get a present for myself! LOL Merry Christmas everyone.

  7. Donna zITTEL says:

    I used coupons this season. LOTs of them and never purchased anything without price checking it onlien first. I also took advantage of a lot of offers for fle pays, liek paying things over a few months vs. all at once. It all has worked so far in keepign us within our budget..

  8. John says:

    The best thing I did during the holiday season was to set some time aside and decide on an asset allocation strategy to automate investments into Index funds.
    1) The money I save by investing in low cost Vanguard Index funds will help by compounding.
    2) Since the investing is automated, dollar cost averaging will help me and I will avoid emotions during investing.
    3) With the Asset allocation in place, I will rebalance annualy and thus buy low, sell high while keeping my investment tailored to my risk profile.
    4) The benefit of automated investing also meant that I will “pay myself first” and stick to a budget every month instead of investing with what was left at the end of the month.

  9. Seth @ Boy Meets Food says:

    I always try to think about and buy gifts throughout the entire year. That way, I usually can not only get a thoughtful gift that the person may actually enjoy, I usually get the best price for it, because I price-checked all year long.

    In previous years, I have also opted for the gift of “time” in lieu of money. I created a website for one family member. Performed x number of hours of house/yard work for another. There are practically countless ways that you can give a loved one a “gift” that will be extremely meaningful, even when it is not something tangible that they actually have to open, and that you had to spend money on.

  10. hayley l. says:

    Shopping at Costco with my executive membership– I’m expecting almost $1000 back this year!

  11. Amanda says:

    Due to the large amount of people on both my husband and my side of the family, we do a gift exchange each year. You chose one person and you get a gift of $50 or less for that one person. My husband and I now spend less than $200 total for both of our large families! It has helped a ton!

  12. FrugalNYC says:

    We saved up by putting a certain percentage plus any extra into savings – rainy day fund. The rainy day came…and we are glad we have the fund to get us through it.
    We also cut out holiday gifts to a much lower budget. We skipped any unnessary purchases.
    Went with VOIP phone service instead of our old land line.
    Got prepaid cell phones since we don’t use that many minutes. We are saving at least $500 a year compared to contract phones on this.
    Signed up for ING Electric orange to take advantage of the Black Friday bonus! Can’t beat free cash. We always pay off credit cards in full, if we can’t afford it, we don’t buy it until we can.
    Using coupons, both online codes and paper based has saved us hundreds over the year.

    Hopefully win this Flip camera with these tips! 🙂

  13. Daniel says:

    This year, I used a old school saving method: a coin jar. As little as I use cash now a days, throwing coins into a pickle jar throughout the year can add up to quite a bit. Around thanksgiving, I brought the coins to a nearby Coinstar machine to have them counted. Select Coinstar machines will issue a gift certificate for the counted coins without any fees (normally 8.9% when receiving cash). As an extra bonus, Coinstar had an end of the year promotion for a free $10 gift card for every $40 in counted coins by mail-in rebate.

    I elected to receive Amazon gift codes for my counted coins. The free trial for Amazon Prime during the month before Christmas enabled me to take advantage of the various deals without the need to meet a minimum balance for free shipping. I was able to buy some great DVDs during the great Amex sponsored black Friday deals for only $2 with free 2-day shipping!

  14. Michelle says:

    Being a very broke college student, I decided to get creative for the holidays! Here’s my holiday how-to:
    1. Gift for myself: new phone, more minutes & a better network.

    I let my AT&T contract expire ($65/month not including fees or taxes, 900 minutes and 200 texts, no data), bought a used Verizon World Blackberry on my local Craigslist and got a prepaid plan ($30/month, no fees or taxes, 1200 minutes and texts, 20 mb of data, NO CONTRACT) with Plans Plus which allows you to use any Verizon phone (unlike Straight Talk.) Since Blackberry uses a proprietary browser, I went to Howard Forums which has a huge Plans Plus community to get advice on loading another browser to my phone.

    Savings: over $40 / month. And no contract!

    2. Gift for relatives: those delicious, overpriced, sugar-coated nuts you see at the fairs/malls

    Via my chef friend: 6 cups almonds (or any kind of nut you want), 1 egg and TONS of cinnamon and sugar. Mix it on the stove, then stick it in the oven @350 for 45minutes to an hour.

    Savings: around $60 that would usually go to the nieces and nephews. Plus over 1-2 hours saved in shopping time (which is never fun during the holidays)! Just head to Costco for the nuts and $25 should cover as many relatives as you have.

    3. Gift for parents: Getting a job somewhat close to home! (and free financial planning help & annuity payments from their daughter)

    First, they don’t have to support me out of college (whew!) and second, they can see me time to time as I’m only in the next state over (or two, wherever Utah is in relation to Colorado..:).
    Also, my employer offers free Ayco financial services for me and relatives- I’ll try to get them some good financial advice. They need it!:)

    Savings: stress for everyone. Me too, because living at home + no salary = BIG headache. Plus, they don’t know it but my getting a job means that I can support my parents on my income so whatever $200/month works out to be is their present.

    4. Gift for sister: Planning a scuba diving getaway to Miami during spring break under $500.

    She’ll be paying for it but I’ll have to a trip <$500! Read: She’s a very broke bootstrapping business owner. This is probably the present I’ve spent the most time on…
    Step 1: Free airfare.
    Amtrak was surprisingly expensive with many stops and her husband frowned on the hitchhiking option I proposed (plus, there wouldn’t be that much time there to spend after that). Greyhound was cheaper, around $250 roundtrip but who wants to spend 18 hours in a bus (it’s a cheap vacation, but still a vacation)! My first answer: Southwest airfare. Roundtrip came to ~$370 from DEN to MIA. Free airfare is the best, though. I almost signed her up for the Chase United Visa card to get 25000 points (enough for a domestic roundtrip), inspiration from×5/the-5-million-frequent-flyer-mile-challenge/. At the last minute, though, her husband dug up 24,480 used points on his card. Whee!
    Step 2: Free lodging via Coachsurfing
    Once again, her husband didn’t feel great about 2 girls (one of them being his wife) staying on stranger’s coaches till I showed him the ratings, verifications, and female host only option on Coachsurfing. Check.
    Step 3: More fun = more research.
    To find the best scuba operator, I went to (PADI is the official scuba regulatory body) and found which Miami scuba shops had 5 star rankings which is based on shop reputation, safety and overall experience. You don’t want to skimp on your scuba experience- it’s not worth it, trust me. Then I found the cheapest option! She’ll be doing the Discover Scuba course and I’ll be getting my Advanced Open Water Certification. I looked up a friend in Colorado to give her a $20 pool session so she can get used to the scuba experience.
    We’ll also be renting out bikes instead of cars to get a tour of the city. That will hopefully be more fun and cheaper!

    Total Budget: $500
    Airfare: Free, Lodging: Free, Discover Scuba cost: ~$200, Bike rentals: $30, Food: $200, Nightclub & Misc: $70

    Savings: All inclusive scuba diving vacations run around $8000 from my local scuba shop so total savings is around $7500.

  15. sandra jensen says:

    This may sound silly – but I have made an effort to STAY OUT OF STORES! I can always find lots of wonderful things to buy – if I actually go shopping. But since I only actually went to the stores 2 or 3 times, that reduced my shopping a lot. I was able to stick to my list!

  16. TosaJen says:

    I prepared preliminary 2009 tax forms, so that we can make some decisions about a few things:
    — where to put retirement funds: Roth or traditional IRA? Sometimes we can deduct for DH’s traditional IRA; otherwise, we do the Roth.
    — when to pay property tax bills. When do we need the deduction more? 2009 or 2010?
    — should we sell some down investments to offset capital gains for 2009, or continue to hope they’ll recover?

  17. Natalia Crockett says:

    I paid myself the difference between the sale price and regular price of Christmas gifts, and put in the interest bearing account.

    Almost everything is on sale this season. For example, when I “saved” $20 on a purchase, I paid myself $20 and deposited into my IRA. That money will earn interest and I am sure I’ll appreciate having it later in life, whereas Christmas gifts provide short term appreciation.

    I also used my CC for all purchases because it earns cash-back, which is like having an additional discount. I paid the card off every week which makes it feel like using a debit card.

  18. Reb says:

    Oh wow, I’d love a chance to win! Guess I’m coming in just in time before the deadline!

    The savviest way I made my money work harder this season was by earmarking a certain amount of money exactly LAST season!
    On Dec 21st, I decided to invest $2000 in the SPYDERS etf (SPY). I figured if I could invest some money then, and keep it in the market for 1 full year, any profits I make would be taxed at only 15% (long term capital gains tax)! Otherwise, I’d have to pay 28% in federal income tax on short term capital gains.

    And so I bought 24 shares of SPY at around $84, and watched the stock dive to $70 in March to my dismay. I stayed strong though, and patiently waited for SPY to finish this year around $112! With the $550 in after tax proceeds, I’ve bought 12 gifts for family and friends.

    Now, if I only had millions to invest last December! 🙂



  19. Chris says:

    With some creative financing I was able to turn $200 in $750 worth of college funds with various 529 bonus and referral offers. These funds are available to me immediately so the $550 difference that I would have been paying out of my pocket is now available for savings, Christmas, and Charity giving.

  20. I save money by using coupons, Buying in store deals, not eating out as much, entering giveaways, and also by learning how to earn money using my blog.

  21. […] January 5, 2010. I received a mail from Jim of congratulating me for winning a Flip video. I really can’t believe that my answer was chosen. […]

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