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American Express & Foursquare: Spend $10, Get $10 Promotion

I only recently got an iPhone but one of my most often used apps is Foursquare. I don’t check into places because I want to become a mayor, I use it because it helps me remember where I’ve been and when. I check in whenever I go to my barber not because I want to be the mayor of the little barber shop, it helps me remember to go back on a regular basis (sometimes I don’t notice my hair getting longer than I like!). This is especially useful whenever I go away on travel and visit food places. For example, on a recent trip to Las Vegas, we ate at a great fusion Chinese-Mexican place. I had no idea what the name of it was but a brief check of Foursquare reminds me that it was called China Poblano (cool place!).

Anyway, so I check into a local sandwich shop, Bon Fresco, and I see that there’s a promotion for $10 [3] off if I sync my American Express credit card. All I have to do is enter in my American Express credit card (if you’re concerned about entering it into Foursquare, you can do it at sync.americanexpress.com [4]), spend at least $10 at the place, and you get a $10 statement credit. I bought a few sandwiches and I was credit two days later (shows up as “AMERICAN EXPRESS COMNEW YORK NY”). Can’t beat that!

Hopefully they do more of these!