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American Express Gift Card Promotion & Fee Waiver Codes

Many moons ago, you could buy Presidential $1 dollar coins [3] from the Mint using your credit card. This was a great way for card holder to basically get cash back or reward points for “free.” The only cost to you was that you’d have all these dollar coins that you’d have to spend or otherwise deposit back into your bank. Banks hated this. I purchased a batch so we could use them at our local bagel shop, farmer’s market, and other places where you could use credit. After doing this once, I realized how much of a pain it was and so when you couldn’t buy the coins anymore, I wasn’t that disappointed.

Well, it turns out there’s another way to spend without really spending – American Express gift cards. The downside to this strategy is that buying the cards comes with a fee. Normally that fee is $3.95 so you have to wait until there is some kind of promotion.

Current AMEX Card Promotions & Fee Waiver Codes

As it happens, April 24th is Administrative Professionals day and purchase fees are waived if you use the code ADMINGIFT6, which expires May 31st, 2013.

There are other fee waiver codes available as well, courtesy of tedteddy on Fatwallet [4]:

How to avoid shipping fees: Shipping typically costs $8.95 for Express 2nd Day and $15.95 for Express Next Day. You can avoid it by joining their 90-day trial of the Premium Shipping Plan. Just cancel within 90 days or you’ll be charged $99 for a year (if you don’t cancel, they’ll bill you but also send you a $25 gift card).

Why would anyone want to do this? It really comes down to time shifting your spending. There are a lot of credit cards that offer bonus offers for new account holders, like tens of thousands of points after thousands of purchases (we’re talking like 50,000 points after $5,000 in purchases – might be hard depending on the deadline). So you can shift your spending by buying the American Express gift card and then spending it later.

I will try to update this post on a regular basis with new codes as they are made available.