American Express My Wishlist Starting December 1st

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American Express sent me a postcard the other day notifying me that they are running the My Wishlist promotion again in 2008 and once again the gifts are pretty incredible… the top prize is a 2010 Mercedes-Benz GLK350, a luxury sports SUV that might not exactly please too many people. I know that it’s not as appealing as prior years, but it sports some pretty nice specs. But an SUV? After a year of ridiculously high gas prices? Hmmm…

Here are some of the other “prizes” available:

  • 42″ Sharp Aquos Full HD 1080p LCD TV for $700 (December 2nd)
  • Dell Studio Laptop for $499 (December 8th)
  • A Dream Dining Experience with Gordon Ramsay – The London NYC Package for $2,500 (December 9th)

Need an American Express card? There are a couple on this 0% credit card list (cards that offer 0% on purchases or balance transfers) but you’ll have to act fast, My Wishlist has already started!

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91 Responses to “American Express My Wishlist Starting December 1st”

  1. chris says:

    I’d say that the small items could actually be sold at the discounted price, but the items on this page ( are probably fake. AMEX could’ve use computer-generated names and just selected a random city to put in as winner’s list. In conclusion I’d say the big prizes are scams, which pisses many of us card members here off.

  2. yaeder says:

    In my opinion, they need to rework the contest. The way I see it, items are either available or they are not. When they say that somebody else claimed it already, but try again anyways it seems to me like they are only trying to waste your time.

    It is either a cruel joke to waste a bunch of time, the items do not exist, or they need to select the winners differently and inform others who are trying that they lost already.

  3. Carolina Garcia says:

    well, I agree with all of you. And what is worst, what about the one that saYS: IT IS TOO EARLY!! when you are seeing the clock and it says IT IS TIME???

    I agree that the people who wins whe cars are related to the American Express, I am real fast typer, a real fast one!! and one I click it already said: IT IS TOO EARLY or it is in another member’s car. What? American Express, you wishlist sucks, why dont you better send random letters to your clients and tell them they won with out the hassle of typing and wating our time, because at the end you will give only a few, better to send letters.

  4. wtf says:

    okay, so I’m trying to buy the motokrzr, and I hit the try again button, it gives me the captcha screen, I enter the code, then it says that the item is already in somebody else’s card…everybody else getting the same error?

  5. sbk says:

    Yes, I also wasted my time. Had I read these responses before, I would have not tried at all. I was wondering why I get same somebody else’s cart message even if 100 items are out there. Why don’t they publish all 100 names.

  6. Slickdeals for my Fatwallet says:

    It’s great to know there are as many stupid people around here to save us all the prizes!!! There are two online communities that take back 60% of the items, as well as having a porsche winner and a previous BMW winner.

  7. winner says:

    Yes it’s a complete scam. Don’t even think about wasting your time!

  8. big winner says:

    wow… now I see where all the losers of the contest hang out… If you spend $300k/yr maybe you could hire an 8 year old to win you something off of it – it’s not hard.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is definitely a scam. On one of the other boards there’s a guy that hired a lot of homeless people to type in captchas (??) to help him win prizes. They’ve also decoded the XML that runs the site and have a big advantage over normal players. I did score a major victory by winning a coupon for Bed Bath & Beyond, which was way cool though! Stupid cheaters.

  10. Doug says:

    Someone does win! But the hype has spread and more people are trying to win and thus making it harder.

    I WON!!! About a year ago, I got a $16K Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 LTD for only $1500. Then they even sent me a check for about $5.5K to cover my taxes on the winnings.

    AMEX is Awesome!!!!!!!! Keep trying (I mean its a scam don’t waste your time, I don’t want the competition.) =)

  11. Brian says:

    What a complete bunch of whiners!
    Complaining that you didn’t win a contest — Give me a break!
    I instantly saved 25% on an Amazon purchase, and I wasn’t typing for hours
    You guys need to get a life and complain about real problems!

  12. RC says:

    I don’t think it is a scam. If you think so, then it’s the same as Lottery losers saying the lottery is a scam because they did not win. This year, I won 3 25% certificates (be it that they are the not-so-popular ones) for Blockbuster, Kodak digital print and Bed-Bath and Beyond. At least this proves they give what they offer. I believe a company as big as Amex cannot scam easily and get away with it. Does this makes sense. Just my two cents…

  13. BruceLee says:

    I don’t know how their system works but I click on the “Want It” link the moment Amex’s clock turned 12:00 and did not win.

  14. Master Po says:

    I entered the stupid #s and letters today for a couple of hours. I managed to win one of the Best Buy gift cards, so its not a total scam. It is annoying when they tell you its in someone else’s cart. Probably not the best use of my time today.

  15. Helga says:

    Yes it was very frustrating to see the “it is not time” when it was time and the “it’s in someone else’s cart but try again”. It would be better to let us know quickly that for most of us we missed it. I did get a borders 25% off card without to many tries so it does work. We are just not all lucky enough to win the big items.

  16. Alfred says:

    I also have been trying for days to get something…
    I was luck to get one of the wishlist items. Nothing too big, just the Geneva Labs Model L. Retails for over $700 and got it for $175.
    Everythings confirmed via email after I won and entered all the credit card and shipping info.
    So it’s not a scam. You just have to be very lucky.

  17. Adam says:

    This contest does suck. AMEX says they are trying to give back to their customers in appreciation. What about millions of people who lost after wasting time typing scrambled letters away??? I am not going to make a claim that this is a scam or not but I am going to say that AMEX does need a better contest than this.

    They should give smaller items but have larger quantities available. The customers shouldn’t also have to sit and try to type away for hours. There are lots of issues some people who want the items just as badly may not be typist. There are latency issues with time clicking thru different networks – The clock may be slower dependent on your internet connection, network travel. No one has a fair opportunity due to distances from the AMEX host system.

    AMEX should randomly select winners and send them the option to buy at discounted prices.

    In all AMEX only disappointed millions just to satisfy a handful of people.

    I won’t be wasting my time with them again.

  18. fatwalletpride says:

    again — I repeat — what a bunch of whiners on this blog

    go to a real forum like fatwallet and you guys would all be flamed red for being idiots

  19. Kathy says:

    Well, I did get a “You Got It” on my cell for a Zune. I was very happy, but as of today and 4 phone call later, I still do not have the item. It was billed to my card on Dec 2, they have had enough time for it to be shipped. On the last call, I was told that none of the items were guanteed for Christmas. I find this very sad, because I did not get a high ticket item, but did get a great deal, but they should be making good on it and have it to me by Christmas. I also spent time trying for other items, the fact that I did not win did not upset me, but winning, paying for the item and not receiving it, that upset me.

  20. Big Jerk says:

    Just recieved the Callaway FT-3 Fusion driver which I paid $198 including shipping. Looking on eBay the same club is selling for $150 or less. My bad. I should have looked first.

    I also recieved the part of the flatware set today. Also something I didn’t need.

    And I also got a few certificates as well.

    I believe this works like a lottery. You need to enter the code correctly or you wasted that opportunity to get it. The “You Got It” came up 3+ minutes after the hour. Fast typing may help a little, but only if you are accurate.

    BTW, there are far to many winers here.

  21. Phil says:

    Hey I won something on 11/30/06 – sort of.

    I won a $50 UPS Store gift card that I thought I would to ship my holiday gifts. But today is 12/20/06 and I have yet to receive anything. I have called twice once after about 10 days to stay I have not heard anything. Their response was we had a delay but you should receive it in a couple of days. Well I called today and was first told it will go out this week- big help as all my shipping is done for the year. Then when I spoke to a manager he informed hat it had already shipped. I asked that they replace this with something else (that I might be able to use at this point) – they said there wss nothing they could do. Everything they had was accounted for. It wasn’t like I was aking for a real prize – I asled for a $20% off coupon at Home Depot not a freee $150 to Best Buy. I will cancel my AMEXcard taht I have had since 1982 – see yah AMEX!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Small-time winner says:

    I know that the contest is frustrating because most times you don’t win; but sometimes you do. Each year I’ve won something. Aside from general whining by people who can’t spell when they post (so its hard to believe they can correctly type the code sequences as they claim), one of the main conplaints is the “it’s in another members cart (as in “shopping cart”, not “car” or “card” like the whiners state). What that means is that someone else has the item in their shopping cart, and they have a fixed time (I think it was 6 minutes) to complete the transaction, or the item is up for grabs again. All my wins have come from this second-try type situation. Apparently people with fast-click fingers aren’t always better at following simple instructions than the whiners here.

    Don’t waste time whining that you didn’t win. Remember that the word for people who don’t win is “LOSER”.

  23. OhMyItchyKitty says:

    If American Express just pulled the damn thing, you people would have nothing to bitch about, and you wouldn’t get anything. At least they are offering something. How many other companies do it? You should check Ebay and see how many people won what. There are enough of them selling the stuff there. I won the Best Buy certificate (again) this year and didn’t complete the transaction. I wanted the Amazon certificate, since it was really worth something. Wonder if I’ll get anywhere by whinning to the state lottery about not winning. That must be a scam too. I enjoy just the thought of possibly winning a Porsche for so little money, or some of the other beautiful stuff that was offered. My family and friends are all a bunch of cheap bastids (I prefer that spelling, thank you very much) and am very grateful to American Express for even giving me the chance to say “ha ha” by winning a car, since I got squat from them for Christmas. So, all of you just shut the hell up and go back to work, and stop pissing away your companys time on the computer with this crap!

  24. Steven Subasic says:

    It is not a scam it is just very hard to get through, I tried and got through on items such as the gibson guitar, bestbuy giftcard, and a few other things but I didnt buy anything i just wanted to see if i could get it

  25. Anonymous says:

    Amex is hoax. Just want to lure in customers but we never get anything out of their add promotion. I just know they coned me for $150. yearly membership automatic charged on my account and deducted from my bank even before I knew it. From now on I return to my discover card for which I did not pay a dime for but always got cash back. Points are just good to hear but never can redeem. Cash back from the Discover Card is excellent. I got at least $500 back for every six to seven months.

    Peter Phung

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