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How to Unsync Your American Express Card

American Express has been going pretty aggressively into synching cards onto platforms. I’ve already gotten a few bucks synching it to Foursquare, then my XBox Live account, for beating Halo 4 within a prescribed time limit, and most recently they’re offering a $25 American Express gift card if you sync your card with Twitter and tweet out a few things. The first step of that process was to synch up your card but if you did it anytime after the first few days of the promotion, you missed it.

I tried to do it on the 12th, even though the promotion was to last through early March, and was told:
“Sorry, $25 Amex Gift Card is sold out. Check out more products & great offers at amex.co/faves”

Good job American Express, thanks for not mentioning it on the promotion page where you still ask people to sign up.

So what if you don’t want to keep your card synched? What if you want to unsync your AMerican Express card from Facebook, Foursquare or Twitter? Don’t look in Facebook, Foursquare or Twitter because you probably won’t find it. Just go to this page [3] and click on the appropriate button. You will have to authorize the app (American Express) again but it’ll send you to a confirmation page where you click another button and are unsynched.

I’ll keep Foursquare synched but I desynched all the others. The last thing I need is my credit card synched to social apps, especially after finding out about Twitter’s recent 250,000 user leak [4].