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AMEX $150 Promotion May Still Be Active

This promotion has ended.

This promotion is alive once again but this time it’s for a free domestic airline ticket or $250 in gift cards – so it’s back and better than last time! For more details on the new promotion, please read my post on the $250 American Express promotion [3].

According to nickel, the $150 promotion for signing up for an American Express Business Gold Rewards card [4] could still be alive and kicking. The card comes with a $125 annual fee that is waived for the first year but it sounds like the deal might still be good. I applied for the card when the promotion was actively being advertised so I don’t know if this is still legit but it sounds like it could be. If that’s not available, I have a list of cards that have promotional first purchase offers [5] that still are active (and actively advertised).

Word of caution, applying for credit cards will negatively impact your score so if you plan on buying a house or a car in the near future, don’t apply for this or any credit card simply for promotional offers. If you aren’t planning on big purchases, take the free money!