Another Stimulus Check? Perhaps.

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Another Economic Stimulus Check?Update: Here’s the latest on the second stimulus package.

When Democratic Presidential hopeful Barack Obama mentioned a second stimulus check in a speech in early June, I didn’t think that it would actually happen. Presidential nominees do a lot of talking in the months leading up to November and I chalked the idea of another stimulus check as a short term as just that – talk.

Well, turns out that the Democrats, led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, want another stimulus check. As expected, the Republicans are firing back, President Bush is asking that we “wait for the stimulus package to fully kick in,” and it’s simply business as usual in Washington.

I have mixed feelings about yet another stimulus check. On one hand, I understand that there are many families on the boundaries getting squeezed by soaring fuel and food prices. On the other, I don’t think the “stimulus package” is really stimulus at all and I don’t really think a stimulus package is the solution to our economic woes. Overall, I think it’s just political maneuvering and time that would be better spent on more important issues like education, medicare care, or climate change.

At this point, it’s merely political fodder and we shouldn’t expect another stimulus check, just that there have been discussions of one. As anyone who has watched Congress work can attest to, there are plenty of discussions in Washington that lead nowhere.

Democrats plan second economic stimulus bill [Associated Press]

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221 Responses to “Another Stimulus Check? Perhaps.”

  1. Barb says:

    I am a “stay at home mom” my husband brings home the pay check – YES one pay check FYI we make about $1800 a month and that is on the generouse side- we have two growing children. We go with out a lot of things. We dont drink $4.00 espressos every morning. I dont get my nails done every month. My kids wear hand-me-downs. I havent had a new pair of jeans or a new shirt in well over a year (I take care of the cloths I do have).
    If we want cookies or treats I make them we dont buy them.( My mom was blown away that my kids had no idea what a Twinkie was). I dont ask for help from my parents – never have. I have girl friends who would die if they didnt have that espresso every morning and their nails were not done. One of them actually uses her food stamp card to buy that espresso! I am not on any assistance from the government. I shop for four people and spend around $200 a month. I dont buy bread for $3.00 a loaf – I make it or spend around .88 pr loaf. We splurged at tax time and bought a really nice espresso machine…we dont really go with out we are just creative in how we get it…my kids dont have a Wii but they can go to their friends house to play – let THEIR parents spend the money on something the kids will drop like a bad habit when the next “cool” thing comes along. I know not everyone can be a stay at home mom and I have a lot of respect for all those single moms trying to make it work. I just dont believe in spoiling myself and my family. If you want it bad enough and dont have the money then maybe you dont really need it? I would love a stimulus check, but can I live with out it? If I have to, its a good feeling to be able to say “yes”.
    Oh yeah, STEVE sorry about the spelling errors. I hope your American heart can forgive me and my short comings in this area, I am pretty sure I could forgive any short comings you might have…and I will work on my spelling and grammer and think of how happy you will be for me knowing you have inspired me to “be all I can be.” Have a good one

  2. bush+scum says:

    Ok, here it go’s first off we arent even sopost to be paying the price were paying for gas’ this was bush’s idea just like hes dad wantd to pull off these guys are rich rotten rich i say after wat jr pulld off u think were paying for that gas bush aint payn a nickel on that why u think the army is over there there stealing the f n oil dont no one open there eyes and relized wat hes done now he gets to retire in a smile were he f d up the us wow give a pat in ur back who ever voted for that joke!

  3. Melito says:

    As long as greed is in the equation there will always be someone to blame the circumstances on.
    But you aren’t the circumstances of your life— You are life.
    Why let the comings and goings of a monetary system rock you—find the center in you and as a collective we will find a center on who we vote for, how we spend, how we sit with our children……..It is a matter of discipline –personal discipline–and if we take good care of our selves we will take good care of each other collectively. Believe me, for you to be here you had some pretty sturdy ancestors that survived much worse times.
    I see monks that live on next to nothing and live in grace and dignity, who keep their living area clean and neat out of self respect and respect for others. Why not find the monk in our selves and teach our children how to live fully, gracefully, and responsibly, no matter what the circumstances are.

    It takes slowing down first–calming yourself and looking around more deeply.
    Find every way you can to look deep enough to understand–why?–because understanding is the stuff that love and family and community and country are made up of.

    Why panic about something you have little control over.
    This is still a great and wonderful country and we have helped more people in the world with our missionaries and loans and military protection than any other country in the world. We have much to be proud of and we spend too much time focusing on the dark side of this wonderful place of opportunities.

    Stopping–calming–looking deeply –working diligently–responding to breakdowns rather than reacting. (a good formula)
    Bush was and is a reflection of who we are and have been as a nation.
    He is a reflection of you. Since you can’t change Bush, why not look deeply into yourself to see where it is that you are being unconscious in your life. No–I mean really be honest and look –then do the right things to resolve your issues.
    if you let your issues build up without resolve it will be like a fishing line–to many knots and you cut it….does this sound familiar to those of you that are and have been divorced or are considering suicide or deserting your families?
    Hey–we can do this !!!

  4. Melito says:

    There was this great person who once said–“its not the life that matters —its the courage you bring to it”
    He also said that “if you can’t see God in all, you cant see God at all”
    Appropriate verbiage for these times —no–for all times.
    If we unite then we will earn our name as a country–but if we dont take good care of our own business–then who are we to unite with others…
    Again i say–we can do this, and make the US and the world a better place for our children and theirs.

  5. Joann says:

    What good does it do to help us out if the government turns around and keeps it for back child support or back taxes. I know many people who did not receive it because of a balance owed to the Government. It’s wrong we are trying to get out of debt and the government isn’t helping when they keep it and send a letter stating sorry we kept your check because you owe us. It shouldn’t have anything to do with taxes and such. It should be to live and it should be free since they are just giving it away to millions of people who do their taxes.

    The system is wrong

  6. Lynn says:

    If Obama can raise as much money as he did for the campaign in one month. He should try to collect the money again and distribute the wealth to the tax payers!

  7. Karen says:

    OMG, are you kidding me! The government is finally coming to their sences and taking money back that is owed to them. It wasn’t the government that spread their legs and made anyone have kids, so why should they/we support them? Maybe they should give the people a choice… if they want social services help (food stamps, HEAP, WIC, Medicaid, etc from them) then they don’t get their income tax check. Maybe then we can afford to support our own kids and not other people’s kids too. By when we buy food, pay our heat bill, and the deductables and copays on our insurance, we are under the proverty guidelines too, but nobody realizes that. But then they are getting all of those services for free, and not having to pay back for them? That isn’t fair… Before anyone takes me the wrong way and think that I am being “mean” for saying all of this. Please read what I wrote on Sept. 25, 08 at 11:04 AM and 2:36 PM. Thanks.

  8. von says:

    steve, first of all this is not a business proposal, a term paper or etc. so spelling is not important as long as you undersatand what someone is sayn. goof. now my mother has two doc degrees and she had a hard time finding a job. she finally had to change here resume to just a master to recieve employment. now how screwed up is this economy. there are very limited jobs where i’m from. and hopefully tables will start to turn after the election.

  9. shovel says:

    i think that those that earn 45,000 or less should not have state & federal tax taken out of there pay checks,
    tax you when you make it and tax when you spend it that’s messed up
    if we could keep our MONEY then i wound not have to take a second job frome someone else who needs it
    win win
    tax the rich they have it not the working guy who’s trying to make ends meet

  10. eguil says:

    I hope they do. I hope it will be around Christmas time. We need this extra money. Things ahve been tight for all f us.

  11. Melito says:

    lets not be naive—what the rich will always do is move their money and businesses around and still not pay tax—that has always been the case. So no one will really tax the rich and save the poor–except maybe Robin Hood.
    I believe what we all must face is that there is now a full fledged world economy and like water the economy will seek a common balance(which essentially means we will start to look a lot more like Mexico with a much higher poverty level.)— the funny part about this is that some Americans will try to escape into Mexico and will be arrested because Mexico will not put up with THAT type of immigration from poor Americans. LOLOLOL

  12. kol says:

    that money helped me a lot, people that does not want it, can send it tome

  13. misodaha says:

    first, we all know steve is an ass.. so lets not bring him up anymore. and second, im all for the 2nd stimulus. it doesnt matter what we have or dont have. we could all use more money in these hard times.

  14. Melito says:

    Here is the microcosm of our political leadership.
    Instead of our leaders being diligent and focusing on the task at hand, they spend precious time and effort in self agrandization.
    You know, being right and making others wrong. The issues here have nothing to do with personalities except for the loss of good efforts and time.
    The best of workers become invisible—and all you see is the work getting done–and done well. I think it has something to do with selflessness.
    I believe that if someone were to engage in work/life/relationships they would stay in the experience and in the domain of feeling. They would rarely enter the domain of thinking unless it was critical thought for the purpose of the principle. Notice that when people can’t handle the pain in feeling (unresolved issues and transgressions) or being present, they start thinking and talking. Kind of like choosing the sign to Rome over Rome itself. Our focus as a nation really needs to be about service to ourselves and to other countries and to stay diligent in the matter, just like a musician who practices often, pretty soon people will pay to hear his or her music.
    Come on folks, we need to produce and sell in the deepest humility and service–i believe this is the key to prosperity.
    Not just getting a pittance from our own children’s coffers.

  15. karrin says:

    I agree for a second stimulus check. I am a single parent and recently got laid off. I am barely making it and only get 14.00 a month for food stamps which is crazy.
    I hear about how the government is helping to get the companys out of debt and everything else but what about the people? We are also hurting. Little money but everything is going up and no help out there for us.


  16. Melito says:

    If i lost my job—being a working person, i would go to wal mart and get some painting equipment and start knocking on doors to paint for people and or clean homes or wash windows–or repair the screwed up carts at walmart or make sandwiches and sell them—or help older folk for pay—there is so much that a person can do–you just have to have the faith that your efforts will produce fruit–and they will.
    So instead of just making business cards for a cleaning business and running an add—do your eight hours knocking on doors and offering your services–I mean working at developing your business—work is like magic–it always brings returns.
    I knew a couple in Denver that did this very thing in their cleaning business and within 4 years were making over 120k clear for their own income after paying their help and overhead. Anybody listening?
    We can do this–we can become prosperous AND honest, we can show the world what were made off. We can inspire everyone with our courage and diligent effort.

    Helllooo–there is no one out there for you—you were given all that is necessary to to handle your own life financially and in every other way….Forget the idea of being bailed out–your happiness is at stake here–if you handle your own situation imagine how you will feel. Imagine what you will be teaching your children.

  17. Michelle says:

    I think all the yahoo’s in DC needs to either give the people a check or quit talking about it so as not to get american voters hopes up. Especially my kids so as they can sing santa bush is coming to town at CHRISTMAS TIME. HO! HO! HO! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. kristie says:

    as a single mother of soon to be four kids, i agree and disagree with the second stimulas package. anymore people have forgotten the true value of a dollar. i think a second one is needed to help get out of the financial ruin most people are in then they need to take classes on budgeting maybe from us single parents who live literally paycheck to paycheck.

  19. Steve Davis says:

    I wouldn’t mind another stimulas package check. I just hope I don’t have to turn around and use it to stimulate Shell Corporation, or Exxon, or send it to some other country because they have to pay to label products with the country of origin sticker.

  20. K&B says:

    I would not mind a second check either. My husband is a full time hard worker whos hours have been cut back because of this crappy economy. I on the other hand stay home and raise our 3 children because the cost of daycare was taking my entire paycheck. We also live paycheck to paycheck which really sucks as most of us know! So ya our bills are also quite behind due to the government and the finacial situation of our country. But yet our house taxes,car taxes, sewer tax, and everyother tax we have to pay keep rising! So yes I do believe that everyone deserves to get a piece of “our money” back.

  21. Kathy says:

    I think if they can’t get us another stim. check..then maybe they should lower our tax bracket..for example: instead of taking like 15 % for federal taxes out of our paycheck..maybe they should reduce it down to like 10% of our paycheck goes to federal.

    I know this is not the real is only an example.

    They could do this for about 1/2 of the year and that would most likely help out the hard working people.

  22. Shawn says:

    I also agree a second stimulus check will help out a lot! I work full-time at work and I am in school for Criminal Justice! I wish I can take on another job but I also have two children 1 boy 11 and 1 daughter 3 who needs me as well. It is very hard out here. I have to get someone to watch my daughter because daycare wants like $125( the cheapest I found so far). How do we really survive out here in this society!

  23. Hermon says:

    what is the point in getting a second stimulas check if some idiot like the great govenor of alabama makes the citizens of our state pays taxes on it at the end of the year. govenor bob riley doesn’t have to worry about living from paycheck to paycheck!!! LIKE WE ALL DO!!!!!

  24. Cassie says:

    I also am a single mother of 2 who made poor judgement in the men who fathered my children. I get $10 a month in childsupport if Im lucky. I work hard 2 support my family. I don’t make a lot of money but enough 2 where in ppls eyes don’t qualify 4 assistence. I wrk 2 jobs and it is still not enough I dnt spend money on things I dnt need like my nails or hair , the vehicle I drive is 8 yrs old. Everyone is having 2 struggle 2 make ends meet and there are ppl who are fortunate 2 not have been affected by the economic problems we are having now. But 4 the millions of us that have been affected keep ur heads up we are in good hands now. Yeah Obama

  25. Megan Hall says:

    I know that alot of us Americans, live from paycheck to paycheck and now that with the major holidays and property taxes approaching we need extra money. I don’t have extra money put aside, because all of it went to the soaring gas and food prices. My husband and I make well above minamum wage, and we don’t go out and blow our money. It is strictly for bills!!!!! So, please send a second check because we need the money. The ones that aren’t for the check is either because they have plenty of money or mommy and daddy has plenty of money, but as far as the middle and low class who actually have to work one or more jobs for a living, PLEASE! and I mean PLEASE HELP!!!

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