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Any Frugal Families Out There?

Lynn Schnurnberger is a writer working on a magazine article for Parade Magazine [3] and would like to speak to a “a family (with at least four children) who is liviing very frugally –on $50,000-$100,000 a year, no mortgage, saving for retirement or college, perhaps they find “treasure” in other people’s trash by restoring a piece of found furniture…”

If that fits you, please contact me and I’ll forward along your information to Lynn.

She’s finished, thanks!

Incidentally, our set of dining room chairs are “restored treasures” my wife’s parent’s neighbors were going to throw away. My wife and her mom sanded down these four chairs, repainted, re-stained, and then refinished them. I didn’t see what the chairs looked like beforehand but they look absolutely incredible now. There are certainly treasures out there if you’re willing to do some hard work for them, I think our society has become too quick to toss everything.