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Anyone Ever Used Esurance?

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A friend of mine at work today was comparing some auto insurance quotes and the one that came back from Esurance was ridiculously lower than the others. He was wondering if they were lowballing all the other offers to gain market share and I had no idea. In fact, I was under the impression that Esurance was an insurance search engine and not an actual underwriter.

something is weird…

6months of coverage (same coverages and deductibles…)
Progressive: 1215.00
Geico: 970.00
Esurance: 709.00

You think they are trying to capture some market share and underbidding a bit?

Thoughts anyone?

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29 Responses to “Anyone Ever Used Esurance?”

  1. Nick says:

    I get stuff from Esurance in the mail almost daily now. I have no personal experience with them, but I’ve read more than enough online reviews to know to stay far away from them. Apparently not only are their claims services pretty iffy, but their billing is atrocious. I’ve read horror stories of people’s rates being changed for no reason after signing a contract and they had to jump through crazy loops to get a refund. I’ve read others about people receiving completely wrong policies (not the coverage they applied for).

    Suggest Liberty Mutual to your friend. They seem to be at least as good as GEICO and can be a bit cheaper, too.

  2. Kim says:

    I have used Esurance for a year now. I read some of the online reviews about them, but they seem to be several years old and I heard that they’ve straightened up their act a bit. I switched to them a year ago, lured in by a “lowball” and I was pissed because it seemed like I was shopping car insurance every six months because whatever company I used decided to raise premiums every renewal for some BS reason or another. So I switched to Esurance and my premiums have fallen every renewal since and so I’m sticking with them for now. My goal is to never have to file a claim, but if I do we’ll see how it goes from there…

  3. Jenny says:

    I considered Esurance when I was looking for car insurance last month. However, I decided not to go with them because of the bad reviews (such as how their rate jump once you sign the contract).

    Most people don’t rave when they’re happy, most people rant when something’s wrong. Hence, perhaps those bad reviews are just rare cases and most of the customers are happy with the insurance, like in Kim’s case.

  4. LAMoneyGuy says:

    I almost used them because of their insanely low rates. I did a google search on “esurance” then “esurance scam” and found many of the same sites. They may be isolated cases, but too many red flags for a company I had never heard of.

  5. raman says:

    I have been using esurance for close to a year now and my premium went down by $50 when I renewed. In addition to that they gave me a $15 off my renewal.Was not sure what led them to do that but as long as I pay less I dont care. Before esurance I had progressive and for the same terms and coverage I was paying $200 more.

    I have never filed a claim with them but when I was rear ended I found their reps to be really helpful in sorting out the issue with the other persons insurance agency.

    The only bad thing i have heard about them is that they lower rates initially and then jack up the rates later.It has not happened to me yet but if that does happen we can always shop around.They had billed me incorrectly when I first bought the policy (they had added an extra 100$ fee) but it went off automatically and I got an email saying it was an error in their computer system.The best part is u dont get any stuff in the snail mail.Everything is electronic !

  6. Billy says:

    I was an Esurance customer for several years. I have no complaints. I got in an accident and they took real good care of me. I only switched when I bought a house and the multi-policy discount of my home insurance carrier brought rates down below Esurance. I think they can give such low rates because they have less overhead.

  7. Mark says:

    Just started insurance with them today. Everything went smooth online. Got a 10% discount for paying bill upfront. Called CSR and had them verify my old insurance and got switched over in about 10 minutes. 130$ per month for 99 jeep and 98 explorer with standard coverage.

  8. Tom says:

    We just had a claim with esurance and its been a nightmare. The adjuster was very confrontational and arrogant. We are honest people using a reputable body shop. The only thing missing in this equation was a reputable insurance company. Thumbs down to esurance!

  9. Anonymous says:

    too many esurance spokespeople on this site. you guys should just stick to ghosting, its not working. your ads are rockin though, whoever makes em has a bright future ahead of em.

  10. travis says:

    I bought a new truck 8/05. I had progressive and they were okay. I started pricing new policies with other insurers. Esurance was $200 less every six months. Needless to say, I switched after my six months was up @ progressive. I’ve been an esurance customer since 2/06. Never experience price rate hikes or unexpected charges, no problems with them. Recently my truck caught fire due to a battery explosion. This was a $30,000 show truck. A ranger, lol most aren’t worth $3000. Anyway, esurance has been fighting me every step of the way. Refuses to pick up my calls much less answer the countless voicemail messages I leave them. My truck has been sitting in my driveway, totalled, for a week now. No one from esurance has even come to look at it. They illegally authorized an impound yard to remove my vehicle. After trying to call them for three hours I was fed up. I reported the truck stolen and called my lawyer with all the policy and claim info. No less than ten minutes later, I get a call. “Sorry there’s been a misunderstanding your truck will be back in your driveway tomorrow”. I already told them that the truck is not leaving my driveway until I strip all the aftermarket parts off of it and I see the correct amount of dollar signs in front of me. I was nice enough not to press charges, I madit clear that if it happened again I would and the next time they’d be hearing from me would be when they’d be behind a defendant’s pedastool. They were nice to me that day and the day after. It’s been about three days now since they contacted me. They emailed me all these documents I have to fill out, get notarized, fax to them, send hard copies via registered mail. This incident is in no way, shape, or form my fault. They are making me do all the running around. The last time we talked they asked me to get the police and fre reports. I asked them wasn’t it their job to do that. They said, oh it makes things alot easier. Translation: If you don’t do it, it probably won’t get done. The insurance company is a joke. I even made it clear that if they did not take care of me, that I won’t be having them insure my next vehicle. I’m going to the insurance commisioner and state attorney general tomorrow with my case. I’m not gonna be one of the many esurance customers with a totalled vehicle in my driveway, still having to make payments and insuring a totalled vehicle. My six-month insurance premium is coming up in a week. I basically told them that they can go f*ck themselves, I’m not paying it.

    Final analysis, I’m finding out just how good of a deal I really got.

    • Mitul Patel says:

      So what finally happen? did they pay you? My car caught fire today on my driveway. I did filed a claim and they promised that they will contact me on Monday before noon. Any thing I should be aware of?

  11. John says:

    I wish the info here made helped me decide, but the cynic in me thinks some esurance marketing was going on except for Jenny who accurately pointed out you are only going to hear the bad stuff. I could have saved very little compared to some of you, so I am remaining with a familiar name, but I’ll be sure to give esurance another shot next time.

  12. Andrew says:

    I was going to go with Esurance because their quote was almost $50 cheaper than my last insurance with Progressive and with a lot more coverage too,plus it looked easy and simple to buy like Progressive was online.
    My quote was for $164 down and $90 or so a month. Alright pretty good deal….fill out all the information and when I get ready to pay I have to use my finance’s debit card because I got rid of mine but there’s a problem using it, supposedly the expiration date is wrong(which it wasn’t). So I called their number and was speaking with someone and he got all my information including what quote and policies I had entered in and then the guy told me I would have to pay $300 down and pay $160 or so a month. I asked why I wouldn’t pay the $90 a month and he said that he had more information in front of him…? Ok, thanks for your time buddy. That’s more than I was paying with Progressive.
    Well lets just say I’m lucky I looked up information on them and it’s just more proof that they use bait and switch tactics on customers.
    Oh and on their policy quote in nice BIG letters was that “all my info had been reviewed and did not show up any red flags.”

  13. John says:

    I use to work for Esurance in Sioux Falls. (The “customer service” office where victims call in.) Esurance creators found ways to create legal bait and switch scams on the public. The insurance industry, and e-commerce insurance, isn’t as heavily regulated as you may think. Esurance figured out ways to con the public, and then claim that it’s all legal. Just don’t make the mistake of giving them your card number, or you’ll regret it. There are many stories I could tell that would outrage the public.

  14. andrew says:

    I have used esurance since april 2004, everything was set up smoothly and simply, and after one full year my rates dropped by about 50 bucks a month. everything was gravy.

    About two weeks ago, I was in an accident where my car was totalled, and this company has been a nightmare ever since. Claims adjustors not answering their phones or voice messages, I’ve been given the run-around each time I call to find out the answers I need, I’ve spoken to FOUR different employees, all to get the same incompetency each time. My car has still not been handled properly, I have yet to be told what the payout is for it while the garage it’s sitting at just rakes in the daily storage fees. While the company has a very convincing marketing technique, it’s business model is flawed, the customer service does not exist, and they have just lost a customer through their actions.

    I advise every single person who stumbles upon this page to realize that you get what you pay for; DO NOT USE ESURANCE. they will not be there for you when you actually do need them, but they make it reeeeeeeal easy for your monthly payments. there are no coincidences in life, just greed.

  15. Illuminatus says:

    I use to work for Esurance at their call center in Sioux Falls, SD. This is the most corrupt auto insurance company in the nation. Do not give them your card number. Or you’ll be rerated for a higher amount, and their system will take additional funds out of your account. And good luck shmuck if you get into an accident. Read more at Use search “Esurance”.

  16. RL says:

    Well, I like their low price and quick responses. But I just had a theft happened in my house, and I have never heard from them again after filing a claim. It had been 3 months, I got no news, no return, no explanation or any kind of words from them. I am broke as a joke, after the theft of my house. I could have use some help. I come to conclusions that they are scamming us and making no effort of improving.

  17. Cindy says:

    Aweful insurance company. We are sooo sorry we went with them. Their rates are sky high at renewal with bogus reasons for premium jumps, no return phone calls, and we had to jump through hoops and run around for documents at renewal. They suck. We are switching. Don’t go with them…you will be sorry!

  18. Jeremy says:

    I have been with Esurance for 3 years now. I have not had any accidents or any tickets, and thus, have no issues with the company. As a matter of fact, I get charged about 700 bucks for full coverage insurance every 6 months, which is FANTASTIC.

    I think most of the reviews are people so pissed off that they come online and rant about them, but as per my experience with them, they’ve been great!

    I’d recommend Esurance to anyone.

  19. christy says:

    DO NOT I repeat DO NOT get esurance at any cost. I too thought that I was getting a good deal with the monthly premiums being so low. Until my vehicle was totaled. It has been a nightmare ever since. Same things happening to me, no return phone calls, hateful claims people, and still can’t get the issue resolved after two weeks. I guess I’ll just have to call an attorney.

  20. Will in Texas says:

    U get what U pay for- Esurance may be low cost but poor services; when we filed a claim PIP the other party at fault had settled before we saw a penny from them- Lots of delays – new adjustors – excuses etc.. Good only if you don’t file a claim.

  21. Shoddy says:

    They always advertise lower quotes than they actually offer, then when you speak to a rep they always raise it a couple hundred dollars. Basically it is just bogus advertising, with bait and switch tactics. But I would suggest not going with esurance anyways. They are flat out unethicle and you may pay for your policy, but never get your documents in the mail untill months later. They ended up charging my card with payments. for insurance that was not even valid untill two months after I paid for it due to some problems with them not sending some required documents to the DMV. To top it off the Customer service is awful and they will flat out lie to you. I was too afraid to find out if they would actually cover me if there had been an accident, and obviously I switched due to that concern

  22. Kim Doan says:

    I have been with Esurance for 3 years. I would like to praise them for doing a good job at keeping the rates low. Their claim process is easy to follow, and they have taken care of my case very smoothly when I have had an accident.

  23. Tom McEuen says:

    I have four automobiles insured through esurance and was for the most part thrilled at the low cost of the esurance policy. This all changed when I recently had a small fender bender. There was absolutely no damage to my car and the damage to the other vehicle’s bumper was minimal, costing only $790 to repair. I just received my renewal notice and was informed that I had lost my good driver discount due to the claim against me and my policy was rate jumped by an additional $800 a year!! The repair to the other vehicle was only $790 and my annual insurance rate was adjusted by $800. Hmmmmmm, does anyone see something amiss here? I’ve been driving for 55 years and never have had an accident.

  24. Eric says:

    Thanks everyone! I’ll be steering clear!

  25. Allstatesucks says:

    I just shopped around for quotes from several insurance agencies and esurance seems to be the best. I am currently with Allstate, and have been for 5 years. Allstate has been a NIGHTMARE to deal with. I have seen a lot of posts on here that state having a local agent to go to when dealing with a claim is a nice thing. My local agent did nothing for me when I was rear ended. Allstate has it’s own department that handles accident claims. My local agent told me he wouldn’t be able to help me on that claim. I spoke with several agents and never spoke to the same one. Allstate wouldn’t pay property damage that occurred in the accident, when I spoke with the states transportation claims department that was trying to get money for the damaged guardrail the supervisor had said this was common with Allstate. Finally, after 2 years, it was taken care of. The icing on the cake was today when I went to pay my bill and saw my monthly payments jumped 60 bucks!! When I call my local agent all they can say is that New York state is increasing insurance policies and there is nothing they can do!!!!

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