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April ’08 Net Worth Monthly Review

This marks the actual return of the monthly net worth reviews and the first time, in a long time, that my net worth actually fell and it fell by 12.1% in the month of April. Now, before well all jump on the “jim has no idea what he’s doing, let’s go read some other blog,” I have to warn you that the fall was expected and planned for.

The fall was due to the payment of income taxes for 2007. I paid a pittance in estimated taxes last year because income from this site (and other online ventures) was relatively small and so I wasn’t required to pay much in estimated taxes. However, on April 15th, the piper had arrived and was demanding his money so I wrote some of the largest checks of my life. I had to pay 2007 federal and state income taxes as well as first quarter 2008 estimated taxes to both the feds and Maryland. The end result was chopping off 12.1% of my net worth. However, since it was expected and planned for, it’s not a big deal. Here’s a case of where the numbers don’t tell the whole story and why commentary is always important.

What did I learn from this? Numbers don’t tell the whole story. It’s much like how the weight scale might not show a fall in your body weight but the mirror shows you putting on more muscle and adding definition. Numbers are good but only to a certain extent, so don’t let it get you too high or too low because they can be deceptive. -12.1% of unexplained net worth loss is crippling, but if you know the reason and it’s not indicative of a bigger underlying problem then you’re okay. In this particular case, -12.1% was good because I earned interest on those monies as they sat in a high yield online savings account [3]!

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