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Are Gas Prices Affecting Your Behavior?

With all the gloom and doom of higher gas prices, a lot of bloggers are weighing in [3] and asking what you’re doing to conserve gas [4]… but have you honestly changed your behavior because of gas prices?

If you, on average, drive 12,000 miles a year (that’s benchmark mileage per car you should use when you’re looking to buy used cars to assess wear and tear) then you’ll consume about 600 gallons of fuel, if you estimate efficiently at 20 mpg. If you’re used to paying $2 and are now forced to pay $3, the difference is $600 a year, or only $50 a month. I know I haven’t changed though I understand if people do. $50 when you’re making minimum wage is over ten hours of work (taxes!) which is enough to put a damper on any budget.

Do you go to fewer movies? Do you carpool more? What about eating out or going on trips? Have you honestly made any significant decisions as a result of gas prices?