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Are You Earning Your Bargaineering Bucks?

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Bargaineering Bucks!Are you taking advantage of the only loyalty rewards program in the personal finance blogging world?

The Bargaineering Bucks system rewards you for doing things on the site such as visiting daily and commenting on posts. Over seven hundred readers have signed up and earned over 26,733 “Bargaineering Bucks” that you’ve spent in the Bargaineering Store for wonderful prizes such as ING Direct promotional referrals, popular personal finance books, USB thumb drives, copies of Quicken, and so many more wonderfully awesome prizes.

Earning a buck for logging in is a new way to earn points, made live earlier today. If you thought you were missing out before, don’t worry! We’ve been testing the feature and wanted to make sure we got it right before rolling out.

You can earn bucks just by registering for the site and doing what you do already. Right now the two easiest ways to earn points require no extra effort. For every day you visit, you earn a buck. For every comment you leave, you earn a buck. You just have to make sure you’re logged in or the systems won’t know who to award the buck to.

Finally, sign up for the Bonus Bucks newsletter because if there are special offers, I send an email out to that newsletter first.

Is this worth the extra hassle? Yes!

Reader daemondust only recently discovered the site and has been commenting furiously, racking up 157 ββ that he’s put towards about ten ING Direct referrals in the Bargaineering Store. If you have an ING Direct account with some referrals left, then you know each referral is worth $10 to you. Daemondust has already made $100 by participating in the site and doing nothing extra, he just makes sure he’s logged in before he comments!

So the question I ask you is … are you earning your Bargaineering Bucks?

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81 Responses to “Are You Earning Your Bargaineering Bucks?”

  1. anthonyvogl says:

    This is a terrific idea. Can’t wait to build up the bucks.

  2. Daniel says:

    Good reminder – I believe I’ve been commenting now and then, but forgetting to be logged in when doing so – oops! Jim, please put some more books up there for auction, my ING referrals are already all used up!

  3. lostAnnfound says:

    The auction is great, Jim. Already in the past month I have won three books and made $30.00 with ING referrals.

  4. matk54 says:

    i have been reading blog for a month and did not know about the BB bucks. How did i miss this great benefit? Glad you mentioned. hope to win some ING referrals.

  5. zapeta says:

    I’m earning mine!

    I’ve also earned $70 bucks from ING referrals. But geez Jim, why’d you have to go make another announcement! Now everyone will be bidding on the ING referrals :p

  6. mike says:

    Sweet! Just signed up. Don’t really care for ING referrals. I need my books!

  7. Peter says:

    Signed up and put in my bid! 🙂

  8. NateUVM says:

    Just signed up!

  9. eric says:

    Wow, didn’t know so many people were out of the loop! Good idea to post an announcement post.

    Now to find those USB thumb drives….! I want them! 😀

  10. Jim! Why did you have to go and announce it again?! 😉
    Now I will have to fight even more people in the auctions.

  11. Daniel says:

    This is a great idea imo. I typically read the posts via RSS. I suppose I will have to visit the actual site a bit more often now.

  12. javi says:

    Long time reader, infrequent commenter. Now I need to remember to login to the site.

  13. Caitlin says:

    Is this worth the extra hassle? Yes!

    It’s not even a hassle! It’s certainly less of a hassle than that annoying popup that happens when you first visit the site.

    I’d love to spend my bucks on ING referrals, but I’m in Canada so it wouldn’t count. Oh well.

  14. daemondust says:

    How am I supposed to get the rest of my referrals in having to bid against everyone else?

  15. hoht says:

    😀 I will start doing so.

  16. johnpmcglynn says:

    This is fantastic! I’ll be getting others to sign up!

  17. MyklSkeleton says:

    Found this blog a few months ago and registered then. I usually just read your posts but never really login or comment…now I have motivation! Great idea 🙂

  18. Daniel says:

    The inflation rate will increase for Bargaineering Bucks with each new sign-up 🙂

  19. Frugal says:

    I need to find more info on about ING referrals

    • Jim says:

      What kind of information would you want to know?

      • Frugal says:

        How does it work? I can send some ING referrals for auction but don’t know how as learned about this site not long ago

        • Jim says:

          If you win an auction, you simply put me as a referral for your ING Direct and I post the link on a page dedicated to referrals. Then, when someone uses it, you are compensated $10 (they get $25) if the other person satisfies the requirements. Sometimes someone will use a referral but not satisfy the requirements (and then no one gets anything), but that’s rare.

          • daemondust says:

            So far I’ve only had one wasted referral from here. People are generally pretty good about it.

  20. Soccer9040 says:

    I’ve been a LONG LONG time reader via google reader but I think this is a great idea. I will certainly be on the site more.

    Jim – Ever thought about doing other referrals? For instance College Advantage (Ohio’s 529 Plan) does a referral thing exactly like ING. I know because I just signed my newborn up for an account and got a friend to do the referral which earned me $50 bucks!!!

    • Jim says:

      Referring people to the site? Yeah, I’m trying to figure out the tracking piece of that. All of these features are hacks on existing plugins and WordPress features, so it’s taking me a bit of time to figure everything out. 🙂

      • Soccer9040 says:

        Referring people to

        Its would actually be a pretty simple setup like your ING referrals.

        You let people bid with their BBs on placing their referral code on your referral page. I know I would bid my BBs on that.

        College Advantage is a little simpler because you dont even need to use the link. You just type in the 7 digit referral code (mine is 2466906) and then both of you get the bonus. I think its $25 for the person signing up and $50 for the person doing the referral.

        Plus (and more importantly) its one of the top 529 plans in the country says Morning Star.

        This is all fresh on my mind since I just did it a few days ago

        If anyone wants the $25 sign up bonus feel free to use my code.

        • zapeta says:

          I don’t know if it’d be do-able but yeah, this is a great idea too. I’d love to get some CollegeAdvantage referrals up for people to use. It’s a great 529 plan.

        • mikestreb says:

          I would bid on College Advantage referrals too.

          They have a great reward program going on through 12/15/09…

          Use my referral code and you get an additional $25 in your account when you start with a minimum balance of at least $25. Then you can get another free $25 if you set up 3 auto transfers of $25 each.

          My referral code is 2517066

  21. Julio says:

    I found this blog back in May of this year and have been reading it ever since and posting occasionally when I had something to share. Must have missed the Bargaineering Bucks post, but I have signed up and look forward to contributing.

  22. saladdin says:

    You are leaving me little choice. To the BB Store!

    The CollegeAdvantage referrals is really something you should look at.


  23. Soccer9040 says:

    I bid on an won my 1st auction last night. I just had to try it out. Its a pretty slick system. Looking forward to seeing what kinds of items go up on there in the future. I vote for College Advantage Referrals.

    Jim – your ING post is fairly popular. Have you ever looked at reviewing College Advantage (or other states 529 plans) for a post?

  24. Chris says:

    Fantastic idea to build site loyalty!

  25. Soccer9040 says:

    Note my comment just 2 days ago on 11/6.

    Update on 11/8 – HOLY BARGAINEERING BUCKS INFLATION!!!!!!!!!!!

    Auctions are going for DOUBLE what they were a few days ago. Nothing like watching your heard earned money (errr…bargaineering bucks) go up like smoke.

    • Jim says:

      Yeah, it’s amazing what a little competition will do. It’s more like prices went up as demand went up, I’m not flooding the market with lots of Bargaineering Bucks. 🙂

      • zapeta says:

        Yeah, some people have accumulated a lot of bucks to spend. Once people have spent those, things will return to a more normal state.

        • daemondust says:

          I sure hope so. I can’t afford any of these auctions anymore….

          • saladdin says:

            As soon as I’m broke things will come back down. I’ve been on this site for a while and have earned the BB’s. Just now getting around to using them due to a semi-retirement.


          • Soccer9040 says:

            Sladdin – It must be nice knowing you are controlling a small economy of Bargaineering Bucks because you have a large supply of bucks.

            I think the rest of us are just waiting for your balances to come back in line with the rest of us.

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