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Are You Earning Your Bargaineering Bucks?

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Bargaineering Bucks!Are you taking advantage of the only loyalty rewards program in the personal finance blogging world?

The Bargaineering Bucks system rewards you for doing things on the site such as visiting daily and commenting on posts. Over seven hundred readers have signed up and earned over 26,733 “Bargaineering Bucks” that you’ve spent in the Bargaineering Store for wonderful prizes such as ING Direct promotional referrals, popular personal finance books, USB thumb drives, copies of Quicken, and so many more wonderfully awesome prizes.

Earning a buck for logging in is a new way to earn points, made live earlier today. If you thought you were missing out before, don’t worry! We’ve been testing the feature and wanted to make sure we got it right before rolling out.

You can earn bucks just by registering for the site and doing what you do already. Right now the two easiest ways to earn points require no extra effort. For every day you visit, you earn a buck. For every comment you leave, you earn a buck. You just have to make sure you’re logged in or the systems won’t know who to award the buck to.

Finally, sign up for the Bonus Bucks newsletter because if there are special offers, I send an email out to that newsletter first.

Is this worth the extra hassle? Yes!

Reader daemondust only recently discovered the site and has been commenting furiously, racking up 157 ββ that he’s put towards about ten ING Direct referrals in the Bargaineering Store. If you have an ING Direct account with some referrals left, then you know each referral is worth $10 to you. Daemondust has already made $100 by participating in the site and doing nothing extra, he just makes sure he’s logged in before he comments!

So the question I ask you is … are you earning your Bargaineering Bucks?

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81 Responses to “Are You Earning Your Bargaineering Bucks?”

  1. Tony1978CA says:

    This is great!!! Just signed up.

  2. mikestreb says:

    Just signed up. I have been reading Bargaineering for quite some time now.

    I just wish every site ‘paid’ me to waste time on the internet.

    • Jim says:


      One at a time right? And I hope it’s not a waste of time. 🙂

      • mikestreb says:

        It has never been a waste of time!! (although I do get off task here and there – but I would be doing that regardless).

      • mikestreb says:

        Jim, While I have your attention (I think).

        Is there an easy way to see all of the comments I have made? I am starting to get into a few conversations with people (similar to this) and want to be able to track them. I could do the ’email me if someone replies to me’ but I think it would be easier to see all of my posts on one page so I could follow the conversations.

        • dmeanea says:

          Try putting “mikestreb” in the Google Custom Search box at the top of any page.

          • dmeanea says:

            And if you’re looking for a particular comment or article, simply add a keyword you remember from that comment or article along with your username in the search box; “mikestreb quicken”, for example.

          • dmeanea says:

            Actually, just putting your username in the search box may return pages on which you did NOT comment, but where your username was in the “New Comments” sidebox when the page was indexed by the search engine. If you’re a frequent commenter, this might muddy your search results.

            So, to get a list of only the pages containing your comments, enter “mikestreb says” (WITH the quotes) in the search box. And keep in mind that it’s a google search, so any of the google search tricks should work.

  3. echidnina says:

    Excellent! I’ve stumbled across this site a few times in the past (mostly via googling), but now I’ve registered and will probably be frequenting the place more often. Thanks for sharing your informative articles. 🙂

  4. daemondust says:

    For what it’s worth, I think the longest between winning an auction and replying with the referral code to it being redeemed was 4 days. Many of them have been used in less than a day. I’m amazed how quickly these get used. (Though this site is also near the top of Google searches for ING Direct referrals.)

  5. BrianC says:

    Can referrals for ING checking accounts also be posted?

    • daemondust says:

      I assume so, but there isn’t a section for them as of yet. When I first signed up for ING Direct, I used a referral link from here that was for a checking account, but it was listed under the savings account just like the page currently shows. I wanted both, so it didn’t much matter to me, but others might not. If I sent Jim a checking link I would be sure to state that it was for checking…. That said, I can’t speak for Jim so feel free to correct me if I’m mistaken.

  6. daemondust says:

    Holy hyperinflation! Auctions are still going for twice or even thrice what they did before this post. The 1ßß for logging in every day isn’t helping with the inflation.

    • saladdin says:

      Isn’t capitalism grand?


      • daemondust says:

        I guess I got a little spoiled with only having to bid against one or two others for a few weeks. So, I’ll just hold onto my ßß until your balance comes down from the stratosphere and we hit some deflation.

        • saladdin says:

          Even I have stepped aside on some of the bids. Victim of my own economic policy. The funny thing is that in the auctions in which I bid early and then got out still are going in the 30’s.

          I’m 7 for 10 in referrals. Not a bad trade off.


          • daemondust says:

            Hopefully the days of them going for 10ßß to 20ßß aren’t over for good.

    • zapeta says:

      Yeah, the auctions are going for a whole lot more now but I think they’ll eventually come back down. Those of us who win frequently will eventually run out of referrals. It might take a little longer to max out the referrals with prices this high. I just appreciate that Jim takes the time to reward us for something we are doing anyway.

  7. Soccer9040 says:

    Is it time to bring back the ING referral 3 pack???

  8. mikestreb says:

    I made out with the Crest White Strips! Much better deal than the ING referrals!!

    I won the WhiteStrips for 31 bb – and they cost $35 at walmart ($28 on Amazon). I am looking at an almost dollar for dollar bb to USD conversion!

    All of you silly people buying ING referrals are spending on average 38 bb (based on the ‘Recently Ended Actions of between 33-41 bb) for a referral that earns you $10. Don’t forget that ING will 1099 you for the $10 that you earned, so you have to factor in Uncle Sam’s cut. Lets say you make between $33,950 and $82,250 (lets face it, you are able to sock away some cash into ING, so you are making some cash) then your marginal tax rate is 25%, which means that the $10 you earned, the IRS is taking $2.50 leaving you with just $7.50. You are spending over 5 bb to earn $1 USD. haha Suckers!

    I’m just kidding. I got real lucky. I was going to buy the whitestrips anyways to prepare for my wedding in a month and a half. It just turned out to be great timing! Thanks Jim.

    • daemondust says:

      You’d by the strips yourself if you didn’t win them, so it works for you. I wouldn’t, so it’s in my interest to bid on the ING referrals instead.

      The most I spent on a referral was in the low 20’s. So, while my exchange rate isn’t quite as good as yours, but considering it costs me essentially nothing to post, isn’t bad either.

      I’m well aware of the tax implications. $7.50 isn’t as good as $10, but it’s a whole lot better than $0.

      I’m hoping the deflation hits soon and my ßß are worth something again.

    • zapeta says:

      I agree…I wouldn’t have bought the whitestrips but it worked out well for you. As far as I’m concerned the price for each referral isn’t a big deal because I’m essentially getting free money. I’d be commenting either way so its nice to occasionally get something for it.

      I was pretty ticked off to see that one of my ING referrals got reversed last week. I don’t know why that happens but its quite irritating.

  9. daemondust says:

    Is anyone else a little weirded out about being able to see your bidding competition’s “bank balance”? Saladdin can see that my balance is currently 70ßß, that is 326ßß lower than (I assume) his. That gives him a pretty big advantage in his bidding strategy, knowing that if he wanted he could bid 71ßß and definitely win, or if I bid 70ßß and win it would wipe me out for future auctions (for a week or two, given my current pace).

    • Jim says:

      Not really, whether or not he knew you had 70, if he was willing to pay 71 then he’d bid as much as 71 and he’d win, regardless of your balance. This also only assumes two bidders.

      • saladdin says:

        I do look at balances to help me bid. Not so much now because my balance is shrinking. But In the beginning I messed up on the 3 pack deal and still am kicking myself. I thought the system would auto-update my max bid but it did not.

        I don’t really think it matters honestly. If it’s worth all your BB’s then bid it. If I have more, just in real life, I’ll win.

        I think a valid arguement can be made that knowing the balances makes the BB Store an efficient market.


        • zapeta says:

          Yeah, I think everyone checks out balances before they bid. Since you can see who has bid on an auction its easy to see who is interested in an auction and I usually go check to see how much they’ve got. If it’s a lot more than me I sometimes skip bidding entirely.

  10. mikestreb says:

    Jim, you need to review Ohio’s 529 plan. It would be another great referral page. Do it soon, because the current referral program is over on 12/15/09.

    • daemondust says:

      I wonder how much demand there would be for that. I think a lot of why the ING referrals are working out so well here is because of Google. Searching for “ING Direct referral code” yields a link to here on the first page.

      • saladdin says:

        My opinion would be that the Ohio referral plan would blow the ING out of the water. I earn $10 for an ING and the Ohio is $50 I think. The only thing that hurts is that the Ohio has an ending date.


  11. mikestreb says:

    How the hell does ‘Rusty’ earn 150 bucks in the last week by only having one post? seems to me like the most he should have is 8 bucks…

  12. Well, after an absolutely HORRIBLE experience with ING on Saturday, I will be bowing out of the bidding wars. I wouldn’t feel right referring anyone to ING after receiving abysmal customer service. I was deleted from my joint account because I failed a set of security questions – none of which belonged to me. I just checked my credit reports, so I know there isn’t anything suspicious there. I have a very common name though, and from some google searches it turns out they use a 3rd party ID verification system outside of the credit report. I was told – as I was in the midst of a panic attack from the shock of being banned for life from ING – that it “wasn’t a big deal” and that I should “just go bank elsewhere.”

  13. Matt says:

    I’m new to this site and really like it, I cant wait to start filling up my ING referrals.

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