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Are You Maximizing Netflix?

We don’t use Netflix [3] because we don’t watch a lot of movies but a lot of our friends do. One of the things I notice quite a bit, and something that my friends freely admit, is that my friends don’t watch a lot of movies either and they will have the same movies for weeks at a time.

I recognize that Netflix isn’t about watching as many movies as you can. Part of Netflix’s appeal is in their extensive library of movies, movies you would never be able to find in a Blockbuster store like indies and foreign films. However, if you’re one of the Netflix subscribers who is really into the cost benefit analysis game, there’s a website called FeedFlix [4] that will do all that for you without any additional help. You don’t have to sign up or anything, you just have to paste in one of your RSS feeds into their box and a wealth of personalized usage information appears.

I don’t have a Netflix account so couldn’t run myself but I asked my friend Jeremy at GenXFinance.com [5] for one of his feeds and he obliged, here’s his usage:

According to Feedflix, Jeremy holds DVDs for about 5-6 days and each rental costs about $3.96, which puts him in the 67th percentile. Since the data only seems to find December, there isn’t much historical data to play with but if you’ve had it for quite some time then you might be able to see some trends. You might even want to pause Netflix during those slower periods.

Some caveats about Feedflix:

Give it a whirl, let me know what you think!