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Articles of High Interestingness

Check these out, they rate very high on my meter of interestingness [3]. Yes, that’s a made up word.

If you have a moment, vote in the 12th poll Five Cent Nickel has put on about earning versus saving [4].

Did you know a quarter of the population is on the brink of financial disaster [5]? I had no idea but it’s not surprising, read FMF’s article for some common sense tips on how to avoid becoming a statistic.

MightyBargainHunter has some good tips for improving your gas mileage [6]. I’ve read somewhere, I forget where, that the breakeven point for opening the windows (and creating drag) and running the AC is at around 55 mph. Under 55, use the windows. Over 55, use the AC.

Funny that Flexo writes about the cost of raising a teenage kid [7] considering he doesn’t have any at all. By the way, the price tag is $190,980 and I doubt that includes the price of a wedding.

JLP discusses about getting your financial house in order [8].