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Arundel Mills Costco Tire Center Service Rocks

Two days ago, as my fiancee and I were leaving a meeting with a wedding caterer, one of us noticed that my front passenger tire was a little low. I had been noticing a little sluggish handling as of late but nothing surprising but I only a few hundred miles away from when I needed the tires rotated and balanced so I brought it into Costco for some service.

For those that don’t know how tires work at Costco, you might pay a little bit more for the tires but what you get is a “lifetime warranty” against any sort of problems and you get lifetime rotating and balancing. The lifetime warranty means they’ll repair any damage absolutely free and if something bad really happens, then they will prorate you the cost of the tire based on remaining tread.

Also, Costco uses dry nitrogen to fill the tires, which they claim is better. The reasons aren’t good enough to convince me to use nitrogen if it cost any more than regular air, at Costco it doesn’t cost more. In fact, I erroneously though that you couldn’t top off a tire filled with nitrogen and that’s part of the reason why I brought it in. Luckily I did because they found a nail in the tire!

All told, balancing and rotating, including the repair of one tire, took approximately thirty minutes and cost me absolutely nothing. When I priced out tires before, the difference in cost between Costco and another place was less than ten dollars a tire so I saw the increased price as sort of a warranty, a really good warranty.