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Aspiring Real Estate Moguls Listen Up

There are a lot of real estate investing and flipping blogs and websites out there and a large number of them are very thorough, are well written, and a treat to read. The downside is that the topic of real estate investment, especially when following a particular deal, usually spans several months (if not more) and so it’s very difficult to find the beginning of a deal when you’re reading a blog. Well, Shaun of Shaun’s Real Estate Adventures [3] has started (Dec 8th is where I consider the “start” of the search of his next property with this post [4]) posting the progress of his next deal so if you’re interested in following it then you should start reading now. As of this moment, you’re only six posts behind (and those involve just some offers being rejected as “ridiculous”).

If you’ve never read his blog, you should scroll down to “Key Posts” (in the left sidebar) and read those as soon as possible.