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I received a letter today detailing how Citi has decided to discontinue the AT&T Universal Cash Rewards Card for “business reasons.” It boils down to this… if you have 50 reward dollars or more then you’ll be able to cash them out, otherwise you have until June 30th to accrue to the necessary dollars. If you are in any of their protector programs, it’ll end automagically. If you have a balance, you still have a balance and follow the terms of that balance until you’ve paid it off.

Unfortunately, the AT&T Universal Cash Rewards card was my main 5% off gasoline card so I’ll be shopping around for a card that’ll give me 5% on gasoline, supermarkets, etc. Since the account terms and conditions will continue, I’ll pay off my card in full and request a 0% balance transfer for the full credit limit which will have that rate for 12 months. One last hurrah!

Update: I’ve signed up for the Citi Platinum Select credit card, read about the card’s info here (it’s basically the same card as the AT&T Universal Cash Rewards card)

Dear Jim,
Citi, the issuer of your AT&T Universal Cash Rewards Card, has decided to discontinue this credit card for business reasons. Therefore, your account will be closed on 6/30/06. This letter outlines the important information about the closing of your account.

When will your account be closed?
No further charges will be accepted on your account as of 6/30/06. Your current account terms and conditions will continue to apply to any balances remaining on the card.

What to do about your outstanding balances.
If you have an outstanding balance you will continue to receive a monthly statement even after your account is closed. You should continue to send payments until your balance is paid in full. Prompt payments will protect your credit rating.

What to do about Cash Reward Dollars you may have earned.
If you have earned 50 Cash Reward Dollars or more, call us at 1-866-676-4659 by 7/31/06, so that we may send you a check for the total amount shown on your monthly billing statement. If you are already registered to redeem Cash Reward Dollars online, you may request a check at

What about my AT&T Universal Card calling benefits?
The monthly AT&T UNiversal Card calling benefits associated with your card, including 30 free phone minutes, 2 free directory assistance calls, and wireless cell phone insurance, will no longer be available for use after June 30, 2006. You will no longer be able to purchase additional minutes after June 1, 2006 and any purchased balance will no longer be available for use after June 15, 2006. If you have a purchased minute balance after June 15th, you will receive a credit on the credit card used to purchase the minutes. The credit will be issued between June 16th and June 30th.

What about automatic monthly payments you have set up?
If you have set up automatic monthly payments to your card, please contact these businesses to establish an alternative form of payment to ensure continued membership/status/coverage.

If you are currently a member of a debt protection product such as Credit Protector, Balance Protector or Payment Aid, you will not be billed in the future and your coverage will terminate at the end of the billing period in which your account is closed. If you are a member of another membership program that bills to your account monthly, such as Watch-Guard, Drive America or others, your membership/coverage will terminate unless you contact the program provider and provide an alternative form of payment. if you have supplemental insurance coverage, such as accidental death, hospital indemnity or others, your coverage will also terminate unless you contact the insurance company to establish an alternative form of payment to ensure continued coverage. You can find the phone number for each program on your monthly billing statement next to that program’s charge.

Thank you for your business.


Julie A. Garry, Vice President and Business Manager

P.S. If you have any questions, please call Customer Service at 1-800-423-4343.

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43 Responses to “AT&T Universal Cash Rewards Card Closing Shop”

  1. Carolyn says:

    I’m so glad I found this website through Google this morning. I am also a charter member of AT&T Universal Card. BUT, I never received ANY letter and did not know about the cancellation until yesterday, July 12, when I made a charge on that account that was not accepted. When I called the customer service number I was told in a rather snippy way that yes my card was cancelled and that I was notified by letter in May. There wasn’t much of a response when I said that I had not received any letter – like not believing me. I asked for a supervisor and a copy of the letter that they will “try” to find to send me. I could get no further explanation other than Citibank is cancelling AT&T…….I have a Cash Reward balance of $93 and they will send it to me. That’s a surprise. Also, I never carried a balance and used it as my primary credit card. Actually, I have made hundreds of dollars on this and will miss it terribly. Guess I’ll use my Amex Blue Cash now.

  2. David Mann says:

    Thanks for the heads up on this card. I got my letter but totally forgot about my cash rewards. I logged on and had $53 and change waiting for me, just enough to qualify for a check.

    I wasn’t so worried about them closing it down because earlier this year I paid off the balance and moved my recurring charges (gym, etc) to my Credit Union VISA. Instead of trying to keep up with 0% offers and all that crap I’m foregoing the credit card game totally except for online purchases and business travel expenses, both of which I pay off within the grace period.

  3. Gordon says:

    I, too, was a charter member. I did not get a letter, and I read everything that comes from my credit card companies. I suppose they can discontinue the card, but why would City 1) give such short notice, 2) not attempt to keep customers, and 3) be so rude on the phone? It doesn’t make sense.

  4. Alan C. Cornet says:

    I never received any notice from AT&T (Citi) whatsoever. I attempted to use the card on July 12, 2006 and then and only then did I learn it was cancelled! I also paid my bill in full in month so I guess Citi did not make enough money from my account. I called “Customer Service” who told me that me that my card had been good until 7/11. One representative offered to extend my card one more day! Wow!!! I then spoke to a supervisor who lamely apologized. I asked why no prior notice of cancellation was included in the June Statement and was told no such statement was included because of “privacy issues”. Get real!!

    I am going to write to Citi CEO and formally demand my earned cash benefit balance even though it is less then $ 50.00.

    I think all of us out there who are going to be ripped off by Citi keeping OUR earned money should consider a class action law suit!!! Any attorneys out there?

    I for one will NOT do any business now or in the future with Citi- No more credit cards…. no more banking business… no more Smith Barney Stock Brokerage!


  5. Frank Kelly says:

    If you have a rewards balance of less than $50.00, contact your local OFFICE OF ATTORNEY GENERAL. I did contact the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Attorney General in Allentown PA.
    They sent a letter to Citibank and they sent me my $35.21

    The more people complaining should get Citibank to be responsible and forward checks to all of their customers in the amount they are due on their Rewards account.


  6. jim says:

    Excellent tip Frank!

  7. Alan C. Cornet says:

    Just received my July statement dated 6/12/06 to 7/12/06.
    Noted that there now is NO Cash Rewards credit given for June!!!!
    Section of statement which showed Cash Rewards earnings and total is
    now missing.
    This entire affair is just plain WRONG!!!!
    We really need to file a class action lawsuit!!!
    There are a lot of us out there in the same position and perhaps if we all acted together
    we might achieve some positive action.


  8. FYI: The toll free number listed in this post for requesting the check is either wrong, or it has been disconnected.

  9. The phone number for requesting rebate redemption should be 1-866-676-4659, not 4959.

    When I called I had to speak to an ‘account manager’ to ensure that I received my check (it was $43.XX in rewards, so below their $50 threshold).

  10. Joe Jenson says:

    I never received notice about this from Citi at all, just a notification of a credit card decline from a company to which I had given the card number, along with a $25 fee from that company. And there will be others . . . I used the card for several recurring payments.

    I called Citi/Universal Card, and of course they denied all responsibility. So I’ve cancelled two other Citi credit cards.

  11. Joe Jenson says:

    Oh, yes . . . I get e-mail notices of bills and payments, and you’d think they’d send a notice of cancellation by e-mail, but no such luck.


  12. Newsman says:

    I got my final statement today. It was conveniently missing any cash rewards statement for June. I called and asked what was going on. A man with a foreign accent said I could get a check for my rewards (which were over $50). He could not explain what happened to my June earnings. He kept giving me my balance from last month. I never got a second letter. Never got an offer for another card. So I got a new Advanta Bank card with 5% back on gas and office supplies.

  13. Stephen Barlow says:

    I received the same letters. My second one just arrived this week reminding me that the account is closed. They never offered me one of their other cards. But I have never carried a balance either! Although I was offered a Citi Advantage card under my company name! Spend 250.00 and receive 25K AA miles, done already, but I probably will not keep the card past the first year when the $75.00 annual fee kicks in.

  14. Dcreditmack says:

    Dissapointing news. I got a letter from them just over the weekend that stated that my ATT card would be closed as of Oct 2006. I got another letter regarding a change in terms for my Dividend card, NO MORE BONUS 5% SAVINGS FOR GAS, GROCERIES AND DRUGSTORES. I’ve had a pretty good run with CB, guess now is the time to move on. I’m gonna look into that Advanta deal that someone else mentioned but I also hear that has a pretty comprehensive listing of what card offers are currently available. Happy shopping and NEVER, EVER carry a balance.

  15. Willard Lewis says:

    I am trying to reach Universal Card with a problem with my Master Card Account but have been unable to reach you via telephone or web. My account # is 5491130006997365. I am being charged for merchandize I did not order, ie: AP9 PASSPORTTOFUN+19.95 and AP9 PRIVACYMATTERS 123+29.95. Please respond.

  16. GEORGE STEARNS says:

    Reading several of the above comments in regard to citibank and att credit cards–
    I have also been deceived by the credit card company and look forward to maintaining a
    resolvement that will put citibank on the hot seat for their actions.
    Thank you gs stearns sedona az
    Any source for a class-action case would be invited

  17. marion says:

    Same thing happened with me. I had two separate accounts…one had accrued a cash back of $60.00 the other $36.00…….The gal I spoke with said I would not be able to receive anything under $50.00…….Well I asked to speak to her manager, whereupon I raised holy hell……..I am sure you could hear me in India which is probably where I was speaking to anyway……….I got my checks within two weeks…the $60.00 AND the $36.00…..who do they think they are……………………

  18. Blake Millen says:

    Ernest Hemingway~ Theres nothing noble in being superior to your fellow males. Accurate the aristocracy is becoming superior for your former self.

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