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AT&T Universal Rewards $50 Bonus

This offer is no longer available.

The AT&T Universal Savings and Rewards Card was my very first credit card. I applied for it in my first week on campus at Carnegie Mellon University because I was offered a t-shirt, not because I was some credit savant building my credit history and carving out a good credit score [3].

One of the great benefits of the card was some free long distance minutes, which was crucial back in the days when I didn’t have a cell phone and had to call home with my dorm room phone. Nowadays, the benefits of owning the card have vastly improved, with a nice $50 statement credit after you make a mere $50 in purchases within 3 months and rewards points you can spend in the ThankYou Rewards Network [4].

I like how the $50 bonus is a statement credit, not $50 worth of points you have to convert somewhere. Also, you can save up to $190 over 12 months on an AT&T phone because the card also offers 10% off on AT&T services and products. This includes paying for your bill with the card – so all you iPhone users out there you can get a quick 10% discount just by paying with this card.

Here are the other salient points of the offer: