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5 money lessons from ‘Full House’

by Alana Modlin on February 05, 2014

Money lessons from Full HouseThe catchy theme song, the red front door, the music that hinted you were about to learn an important life lesson … “Full House” fans remember it all. Here are five money lessons you may not realize the TGIF classic taught you that could have your wallet saying “You got it dude!”
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Why toilet paper was the best thing I got for Christmas this year

by Alana Modlin on January 06, 2014

The Gift of Necessity is the ultimate care packageWhen I was little, about once a month the most glorious package would arrive at our house. It was from a far-off land called Brooklyn, sent by one of the most magical women on Earth, my Grandma. The excitement was so high that we were required to wait for every member of the family to get home before digging in.
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This is why you’re broke, college football edition

by Alana Modlin on November 20, 2013

College football fandom ain't cheap, but to this writer, it's worth it.My name is Alana, and I’m a college football fan. Most months of the year I consider myself a rational, level-headed young lady. But come the end of August, for 12 weeks (more if I’m lucky), I become obsessed with college football. More specifically the Florida Gators. 

Now don’t get confused; this is not a post about a gambling addiction. My vice is far simpler than that: I find it nearly impossible to watch a game by myself in the comfort of my own home. 
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Cheap, easy DIY Halloween costumes based on reality TV

by Alana Modlin on October 22, 2013

Low-cost reality-show Halloween costumesDisclaimer: I love Halloween. LOVE it. Choosing a Halloween costume is one of the highlights of my year. What could be more fun than dressing like a fool and going out in public? You guessed it: getting your friends together and dressing like a group of fools! In recent years, when Halloween approaches, my friends and I have designated a group theme for everyone to follow (e.g., superheroes or “The Wizard of Oz”).

There is something about having your pals by your side that amps up the creativity and lessens the feeling of embarrassment. If you are looking for Halloween costumes that are going to get a reaction, it needs to be something recognizable and relatable. To fit the bill, let me present to you three group costumes based on reality television.

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