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Can you own a pet in a big city without going broke?

by Alissa Fleck on December 10, 2013

Think long and hard before getting a pet in a big cityWhen I first adopted my cat one year ago from the rescue group with which I was volunteering in Manhattan, I naively believed, beyond basic necessities, she’d be relatively low-cost. It turns out the “basic necessities” of pet ownership equate to approximately those of raising an actual human child. Much like raising a human child, these costs rise exponentially when you live in a major metropolitan area.

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Sick of your cell phone carrier? Unlock your way to cheap talk

by Alissa Fleck on December 02, 2013

Unlocking phones can cut your monthly billsWhen it comes to cellphone use, one size (or, you know, several) does not fit all.

There are a number of reasons you may want to unlock your smartphone. Unlocking your smartphone allows you to continue using the same phone without having to purchase a new one once your contract runs out, and without having to bind yourself to a new contract. For those who spend time traveling abroad, unlocking can also protect you against exorbitant international roaming fees by allowing you to switch to an in-country carrier.
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This is why you’re broke, coffee edition

by Alissa Fleck on October 24, 2013

Is $5.27 too much to pay for a cup of coffee?My first time at Kaffee 1668, the line was literally out the door. When I got to the counter, I ordered a small mocha. I had barely uttered “no whipped cream,” when the barista looked me straight in the eyes and said, “We don’t do that here.” Still, nothing caught me off guard quite like the tiny beverage’s $5.27 price tag.

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4 real ways to make money when your career stalls

by Alissa Fleck on October 23, 2013

Could professional snuggling be for you?The time between school and “adulthood” can be full of ambivalence and regrets for career gadabouts, but it need not be entirely unfunded.

For lots of people, the time after college is all about “personal exploration” (should they have the luxury). This is the time to finally make the exodus to Burning Man or to spend your days repeatedly hurling your paint-drenched body at the canvases blanketing your apartment walls.

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