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3 Easy Steps to a Greener Kitchen

by Elena theEcoDiva on March 09, 2010

Jars of NutsHome sweet home – I’ve always love that saying. There is something wonderful about coming to place where you can feel safe, peaceful and rejuvenated. With all of the known dangers out in the big world, home can be a wonderful respite. Sadly, we are bombarded on a daily basis with the news of things that can harm us. Unfortunately some of those things can be found in our safe haven…our home.

Instead of throwing up our hands in frustration, I believe in the power of getting educated and making small changes with big impact on or health and environment. Here are three small changes that can improve the quality of life in your home sweet home.

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4 Eco-Tips For A Wonderful New Year

by Elena theEcoDiva on January 06, 2010

Champagne BottlesAs the New Year kicks off to a start many of us are taking the opportunity to take stock, examine and make changes. For many this can be somewhat of a painful process. Even though change is truly a part of our lives on a daily basis and on a larger scale, there is still that stigma of change being associated with pain.

This year as we ride out this strained economy the theme for many people is “look at what I already have!”. This can apply to appreciating the family & friends in our lives as well shopping and acquiring more stuff. Here are a few ways that you can kick the Eco-simplicity habit into gear and set the mood for 2010 and beyond. And don’t forget, changes don’t have to be painful. They can bring joy as well as inspire you and those around you.

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5 Green Gifts of Experience and Time

by Elena theEcoDiva on December 08, 2009

Festival Holidays!As the holiday season of sparkle and glitter quickly approaches, it’s easy to get swept up in the costly winds of buying, giving and receiving. Personally, I’ve spent way too many hours browsing the aisles (at the last minute) trying to find the perfect thing that my friend will like love not have to re-gift!! This year, instead of mindlessly scanning the shelves, take a moment and plan a gift that will create memories, warm hearts and build friendships without adding any financial stress.

Here are some of my ideas to get your creative giving juices flowing.

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How to Make Your Own “Green” Mouthwash

by Elena theEcoDiva on October 13, 2009

Bottles in a WindowEvery year I make my ritual visit to my local dentist for a routine cleaning, and every year I get the “you should really be using mouth-wash” speech. And every year I get sent home with my bag of dental goodies, including a little bottle of Crest mouthwash.

OK, I get it.

Mouth-wash is an important part of my teeth-cleaning-routine. After four years in braces and becoming a mother (something about the hormones affecting teeth enamel). As the EcoDiva, and the champion of all things organic, natural and non-toxic, I have to do what I know it right – “read the label”.

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5 Green Ideas For Naturally Clean Kitchen

by Elena theEcoDiva on September 30, 2009

Dishes in a DishwasherGreenwashing in the newest term around the green shopping aisle and it refers to the marketing practice by companies who are creating products and hoping that you think they are eco-friendly and healthier for you simply because they look “green”. This can include the simple addition of the word “natural,” which is currently not defined or regulated by the FDA. This sneaky marketing practice is certainly not in the best interest of the consumer, but it’s not illegal. It’s just dirty and not very ethical or honest. The best way to learn about a product is to look past the wildflowers and butterflies fluttering on the box and to actually read the label of everything you purchase. This will help you avoid common dangerous ingredients and learn more about what you are bringing into your home.

Now, if you’re looking looking for ideas to be green while washing around the kitchen, here are some ideas you consider:
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5 Green Ideas For A Naturally Clean Home

by Elena theEcoDiva on August 18, 2009

As the world of green cleaning grows, the shelves are being lined with products that claim to be natural and eco-friendly. Some companies are actually taking the time to research and utilize natural plant-derived ingredients and use recycled and bio-degradable bottles. For the rest, the term green-washing comes to mind as the best way to describe their new cleaning products. Just creating a beautiful label with wild flowers and leaves does not mean the product is natural. Just as with food and skin-care the best way to know if a product is green is to read the label. Watch for my next post on a list of cleaning products I am currently reviewing to see which are truly eco-friendly, safe-to-use and work!

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5 Ways To Green Your Coffee Beans

by Elena theEcoDiva on July 22, 2009

Organic CoffeeOne thing I have learned during my time on this earth is that there are two kinds of people… those who drink coffee and those who don’t.

I have always been the first kind.

Growing up, at special family gatherings, the adults would make a huge pot of black coffee on the stove, laced with sugar. Everyone, kids included, would get a glass mug of this beautiful dark creation and added a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. I can’t remember whether it was a caffeinated brew or not but based on the noise and activity level that quickly ensued, I bet that it was a full throttle coffee simmer. 🙂

These days, the tradition continues (minus the cup of java for my toddler). My mornings start out with a first-rate hot cup of coffee. The debate regarding the health benefits of coffee will go on endlessly. In the meantime, I drink plenty of water, eat my veggies, and make my coffee eco-friendly.

Here are 5 ways you can go green with your coffee beans, guilt free:
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Organic Beauty & Cosmetics – Where Do I Begin?

by Elena theEcoDiva on July 07, 2009

Elena wearing All-Organic CosmeticsIs it easy being green?

The question that comes up most frequently from women who want to make healthier and eco-friendly choices in the makeup aisle is: “Where in the world do I begin?” It’s easy to simply hunt for the perfect new shade of lipstick. But when you stop and think about what is actually in that lipstick, it can be very scary indeed. We all know by now that anything we put on to our skin will ultimately, in some amount, end up in our blood stream affecting our health. If you don’t think this happens, just ask any doctor you know about medicated creams that are all the rage in everything from hormone creams to topical headache roll-ons.

Making the shift to reading each label and having ingredient awareness is like going to the gym for the first time after a long break. The hardest part is that first step in getting yourself up and going. Once you’re there and getting your body moving, you are ecstatic that you jumped over that first hurdle. That’s because you know it’s good for you! The same scenario rings true for making the leap to reading every label and gaining awareness for the extensive list of ingredients in the beauty and skincare products you buy.

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