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The big list of restaurant birthday freebies

by Miranda Marquit on November 06, 2013

Happy birthday freebiesMy birthday is coming up, and while I don’t make a huge deal of my birthday, I do like to go out and enjoy a nice steak dinner. But what’s even better than a steak dinner? A free steak dinner!

There are plenty of restaurants willing to provide you with something free on your birthday. Why? For most companies, it’s a small thing to offer you a free dessert or a special discount because now you are on their list, and they can send targeted emails and other communications to you.

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401(k) open enrollment season at work? 3 things you need to know

by Miranda Marquit on November 05, 2013

Growing retirement savings starts in 401k open enrollmentDuring fall benefits enrollment season, many employees focus mainly on health care. This makes sense because, most of the time, you only get one chance each year to make changes to your health plan.

“When it comes to 401(k) plans, most companies try to allow employees to enroll whenever they can,” says Andrew Meadows, consumer and brand ambassador at The Online 401(k). “But some companies only do it on an annual basis, either in the fall or the spring.”

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Should you invest like a girl? Women investors may have natural advantages

by Miranda Marquit on November 04, 2013

Women investors may have some natural advantages over their male counterpartsLike almost every other aspect of a person’s life, gender exerts a powerful influence over the way we invest and the ultimately, the returns we achieve.

Numerous studies,  including one performed at UC Davis, indicate that “boys will be boys” when it comes to overconfidence in their abilities. On the other hand, women are more likely to make investing decisions that benefit them in the long run, although many women could stand to take on a little more risk.
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Why you spend more when you use a credit card

by Miranda Marquit on October 31, 2013

You tend to spend more if you use a credit card than you would with cashEver feel like you go on bigger spending binges when you use a credit card than you would have with cash? You’re not the only one.

There’s a lot of research that suggests using a credit card to make purchases usually means that those purchases are bigger than what we’d make with cash. But if the math is the same, why should it matter which method of payment you use?
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Car insurance surprise: Want your car back fast? Pay up

by Miranda Marquit on October 30, 2013

If the other driver's car insurance company won't play ball, you may have to pay up to get your car back fastThe Friday evening before I headed to the Financial Blogger Conference, I was in a car accident. A college student making a left hand turn out of a parking lot hit my car. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

It’s been more than 12 years since my last car accident, and that happened while I was still on my parents’ car insurance; this is the first time I’ve had to deal with a car accident on my own car insurance policy.

In addition to being surprised by just how slow-moving the process was, I was also confronted with an interesting dilemma: Should I pay to get my car back faster?

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Bankruptcy can set you back for 26 years

by Miranda Marquit on October 24, 2013

Bankruptcy can present long-term roadblocks to financial securityMost people aren’t surprised to discover that personal bankruptcy can set you back by quite a lot financially. After all, you have to be in a pretty poor financial position to file for bankruptcy in the first place. But the effects of bankruptcy on your financial situation might be greater than you imagine.

According to a study from Ohio State University and University of Maine researchers, it can take 26 years for bankruptcy filers to catch up to their nonbankruptcy-filing peers in terms of net worth.

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Want help reaching your goals? Use a financial incentive

by Miranda Marquit on October 21, 2013

How many times have you set a financial goal, only to quickly fall short? You might start out with good intentions, but after a while you let yourself slide and soon your goal isn’t even on your radar anymore. How can you stay motivated?

According to the founders of stickK, what you might need is a financial incentive.

“I co-founded stickK with two of my professors from Yale,” says Jordan Goldberg, CEO of stickK. “They have done a lot of research related to incentive design, and found that certain nudges, when put into place, can help you reach your goals.”

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Does it make sense to buy NFL tickets on the secondary market?

by Miranda Marquit on October 20, 2013

2008 NFL Thursday Kickoff GameMy husband grew up near Albany, New York, so he’s a big fan of the New York Giants.

He’s never been to a game, though. Right now, it’s difficult for us to attend a game because we live 2,000 miles away. But even if we were once again living in New York, we would be hard-pressed to get to a game, mostly because it would be so expensive.

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