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Average Years of Retirement by Country

I love reading statistics (I hate compiling them or drawing statistically significant conclusions, I prefer to make up stuff that sounds feasible) and so when I was introduced to this table of average years of retirement by country [3], I wanted to know more. The chart comes from data from the OECD and they have a lot more information, for more countries, if you’re interested.

The point of the chart was to explain that the French, who are protesting increasing the retirement age from 60 to 62, get the most years of retirement with nearly 25 years of retirement for men, over 27 years for women. We, in the United States, simply work too much (and the government spends only 6.0% on pensions).

Two things jump out at me –

The whole “Society at a Glance” social indicators bit is pretty amazing, with reports on OECD countries that include their findings. Here is the one for the United States [6] in which we learn that we are not getting any taller, have higher fertility rates (2.1 per mother, vs. 1.65 OECD average), and we spend more time eating than Canadians and Mexicans but way less than the French (who sound lazier and lazier with each passing sentence!).

What do you think?