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Baltimore Restaurant Week 2007 – Flemings, Roys, Corks

Two weeks ago was Restaurant Week here in Baltimore and for the first time, my fiancee and I took full advantage of it by sampling three restaurants over the course of three days. Unfortunately I didn’t think to bring a camera and take pictures but overall I’m very pleased with how it all turned out.

Flemings Steak House

Fleming’s Steak House, located on 720 Aliceanna Street, is known for its excellent selection of wines and what wines you’re able to get by the glass. The Restaurant Week special was their typical Sunday special of one of three salads, a 12 oz. prime rib (or chicken or salmon), and a deserve of either cheesecake or creme brulee. The prime rib was okay, not exactly the incredible-ness I would expect from high-end steakhouse, but my side of creamed spinach was pretty much unedible. In fact, the alternative of mashed potatoes, was pretty much ignored by anyone in our group of four that got it. The creamed spinach was really sour and, though I can’t be certain, probably made me a little ill the next day. The service overall was ridiculously slow, it took us over three hours to finish our meal, with a good thirty minutes between when we got our entrees and when we got our desserts. In fact, my friend’s cheesecake had partially melted and yet they still served it to us. So-so food + slow service + top-tier prices = we will likely not return.

Roy’s Restaurant

After a sub-par experience at Fleming’s the night before, we went to Roy’s with some friends the following night and it was a great experience. Roy’s, located on 720 B Aliceanna Street (the two restaurants are neighbors), is a Hawaiian fusion restaurant that many people speak very highly of. Their Restaurant Week special is merely their Prix Fixe menu [3] (duh, fixed price in French… which was funny at a Hawaiian restaurant) so that’s available anytime. There were a few differences though and one was that the appetizer was actually an appetizer trio – a pot sticker, a rib, and a shrimp skewer. All three were awesome. For the main course I had a ridiculously tender rib meat dish that doesn’t appear on Roy’s website and the name of which escapes me. It had a chocolate-y sauce (it’s hard to explain, it wasn’t all that chocolate-y) and the bitterness of the chocolate actually worked quite well with the rib meat. We finished that off with my fiancee getting the Roy’s Melting Hot Chocolate Soufflé and I had the Macadamia & Almond Caramel Tart, sharing of course. I think the soufflé was probably better but that’s because it was so freaking rich. The service was impeccable, the guy came back over and over again to make sure everything was okay, and I would definitely return.

Corks Restaurant

Corks Restaurant is a local restaurant, located on 1026 South Charles St, and we went there in a huge party to give a warm goodbye to one of our friends who is leaving to work out in California. Their Restaurant Week menu was custom, not something you can pull off the menu right now, and in fact many of the items on that list don’t even appear on the regular menu. I won’t go into the dishes that we had since it won’t be important to most of you but I have to say the food was pretty good. The one worth mentioning though was the dessert. I had this three cheesecake combo of three different fruits (they named them after drinks, like margarita and such) that was very cleverly plated and delicious.

Overall, I was very pleased with Restaurant Week and while $30.07 a person is more than what we typically spend on a meal, it certainly was worth it in most cases this year. 🙂