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Bank of America Giving Away $10 Home Depot Cards For Debit Use

Upon signing out of my account tonight, I was notified of an ongoing promotion Bank of America was running where they would send you a $10 Home Depot gift card if you used your Bank of America debit card at least ten times before September 30th.

  • Make 10 purchases with your Check Card between September 1 and 30. You can use it at places that don’t have a PIN pad—simply present your card.
  • Virtually everything you buy counts, no matter where you use your card
  • As a “thank you” from us, we’ll automatically send you a $10 Gift Card to The Home Depot®
  • Some caveats:

    Offer not valid on a) ATM transactions; b) credits or other adjustments related to POS purchases, such as those for purchases that are cancelled or returned; c) purchases for cash-like items such as money orders, traveler’s cheques, foreign currency, cashier’s cheques, gaming chips, and other similar instruments and things of value; d) account funding transactions including transfers to open or fund deposit, escrow, or brokerage accounts and purchases of stored-value cards

    Sounds like an easy way to make $10 from Bank of America for a card you probably carry in your wallet or purse anyway.