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Bankrate’s Guide to Sales by Month

Bankrate has a great article that details a generally understood concept by frugal shoppers. The article is title “Month-by-month guide for finding sales [3]” (written by Laura Shanahan) and basically lists what items are typically on sale in which months, so you can plan your shopping accordingly. This is more specific than the classic “Buy winter clothes at the end of the winter season” or “Buy summer clothes at the end of summer.” Below I’ll just list the months and the bullet points she outlines in her article. I’ve omitted some of the strange sales that didn’t make sense to me.


February – Driven by Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day sales.

March – Start of Spring

April – after Easter, Spring cleaning time

May – Memorial Day weekend sales



August – The second time stores have “White sales,” school supplies are cheap now right before school starts.


October – Halloween!

November – Thanksgiving is here! Time to fatten up. Also remember Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.

December – Almost everything giftable or eatable is on sale.

This guide was especially helpful for someone like myself, who doesn’t really know the best time to buy sheets or comforters, so I hope it’s useful for you too.