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Bargaineering Bucks Store Open For Business!

Thank you to the over three-hundred members of Bargaineering community who signed up as users of the site! I’m happy to introduce The Bargaineering Bucks Store [3], the only place you can turn those hard earned Bargaineering Bucks into “stuff.” Some of you may have seen already seen it because I put a link up earlier this week. You can find it in the yellow “control panel” to the right (if you’re logged in), it’s labeled BB Store.

The Bargaineering Bucks Store operates on an auction system where you all can bid against one another for products. I’ve always said I’m a free market kind of guy and the Bargaineering Bucks Store reflects that, everything is an auction and anyone can win. Shipping is free to US residents but if you are an international reader, unfortunately you will have to cover shipping (we can work something out).

If there are any bugs or kinks in the system, please let me know [4]… and happy bidding!