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Bargaineering Launch – Day 1

Hello everyone! This is the first post of a new era. I started Ease of Travel in November of 2003 with the intent of fully populating it with the best travel bargains available out there. As time passed, the travel portion of the site became less and less important and I decided that the domain name no longer matched the goals of the site, and so I moved on and renamed it Bargaineering.

The site will continue to list the great bargains and deals available online from vendors like Amazon and Buy.com, but in the articles (Blueprint for Financial Prosperity, or pfBlueprint) section you are reading now, I’ll talk about matters of personal finance and throw in some product reviews and some of the more complicated deals, those that involve are more than a coupon or rebate. Be on the lookout for how to get huge discounts from Comcast Internet and Cable service [3] as well as reviews and comparisons of various services such as online movie rentals [4] and digital photo printhouses [5]. As always, all comments, critiques, recommendations, and requests are appreciated!