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Bargaineering Store Technical Issues

To everyone who has been bidding on the Bargaineering Store [3] auctions, there has been a technical glitch this morning. It’s powered by an auction WordPress plugin that I edited, to use Bargaineering Bucks, and apparently when you deactivate the plugin, it deletes every auction and every bid in the entire database. I have NO idea why someone would design the application that way (you gain no benefit by completely purging the database!) but unfortunately I lost all new auctions and all bids since Saturday. I normally back up the database every single night but the recent WordPress upgrade disabled my daily upgrades… so the end result is a perfect storm where all bids and auction activity since Saturday was lost.

All restored auctions will be honored as they are but anything not restored will not, unfortunately. (I don’t delete completed auctions so all completed auctions have been restored)

Thank you for understanding and hopefully we don’t run into any more problems.