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Your Take: Any Bargaineering Success Stories?

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Success!I received an email from Reader Danny the other day, after my post about Credit Karma catching an error before I did, thanking me for the post. Every few weeks I get an email thanking me because a post I wrote fixed a problem for them or revealed one they didn’t know existed. It got me thinking… how many success stories are there for you guys who read my ramblings?

If you’re wondering if this is just some public ego stroking session, it’s not (well, not entirely :)). Some of you have been reading since the very beginning, some of you for a year or two, and some for a few months if not a few days. I’d like to think there are a few older gems that don’t get much love lately and hopefully hearing some success stories will bring those guys back to life.

I’ll share my own – I’ve learned a lot in the last few years writing at Bargaineering in the realms of personal finance, investing, running a business, and working with other people. It’s been a great experience that I hope to continue for many years into the future and I hope that you’ll stick with me throughout (and a big thanks to everyone who has stuck around thus far!).

Please, if you have a success story, no matter how big or small, please let us know!

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14 Responses to “Your Take: Any Bargaineering Success Stories?”

  1. Dave says:

    As a reader from the beginning (I actually used to check out somewhat regularly), the some things come to mind:

    First, you wrote an article forever ago about leaving your job to become a problogger. Several things you wrote about in that article prompted me to leave my miserable job and get a better one.

    Second, your article about how to create a “wildly successful personal finace blog” helped me create a bunch of different websites (all of which are now gone, since I didn’t have time to keep up with them once I had a new job, new baby, new house). I actually forwarded that page to a friend recently who was looking at starting a “home improvement” blog and thought that it would give them a great starting point.

    Third, I also hate U-haul, for all the same reasons you do (thanks for not giving me any props for also waiting around all day for that damn U-Haul truck). 🙂

    • live green says:

      I have the same experience. I was inspired by Jim starting Bargaineering and decided to start my own blog. Luckily my blog is still around, but nowhere near the size of Bargaineering. I hope one day that it can, but his tips in some of those articles you mention really helped me get started.

      I also love all the articles and the great comments I see on the blog. I am constantly learning from this blog and will continue to read daily.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I decided to move myself out of my apt a week early so it didn’t coincide with the end of the motnh after i read your post about uhaul headaches. I don’t know if it helped me but i didn’t have trouble renting a truck (yes, it was a haul but from an authorized place)

  3. Debrajoy says:

    You AFFIRM me in techniques that I had already employed!

    After I had done the extending the ‘promo offer’ thing for my Comcast ~ I read about others, at, who had done the Same. I “Extended” 6 month promo offers for 2-1/2 years of service with Comcast. (now I’ve just recently gone to DIRECTtv as their 2 year rate was LOCKED ~ at a good rate)

    The KEY in getting them (Phone company, cable, internet…)to make offers ~ is to Press the Prompt on your phone key pad, (when calling Customer Service) when offered options,
    ~”TO DOWNGRADE OR END SERVICE” ~then if given another option after that, narrow it down to “END SERVICE” ~ you get their ‘Loyalty Department’….. they seem to have the ability to make offers ~ to keep you!

    Two days ago we Closed (signed the papers at the Title Co.) on a Re-Fi at 4.25%/30 yr. fixed, saving us exactly $300. per month.
    I posted here a comment back in July ’08 on taking ‘best offer GFE’ to other banks and getting them to match or ‘best’ the competition.
    It STILL works!

    I copied (printed) rates from US BANK ~ daily their rates are refreshed at if you click ‘View Rates’ after 9:30 am weekdays.
    Then I went to four other banks, including BoA ~ got them to print up for me their Good Faith Estimates for rates I was interested in. Took the best offer (US BANK) back to BoA and he was willing to forfeit .25% of cost of ‘discount points’, to buy the lower rate. That money, his co-worker told me, was his own personal profit and the broker has the ability to ‘come down’ at his personal expense, if he wishes.

    We Still closed with US BANK ~ they had THE BEST RATES available out there and the BEST closing costs AND cost of ‘discount points’ options! None other could really Beat them AND I got an additional .25% CREDIT off of their discount points, just for being a Platinum customer at their Bank.
    US BANK Rocks ~ if you have one in your area!

    A word of caution ~ Beware of those on-line rates (Lending Tree is one that comes to mind) the costs to DO the Loan (their middleman ‘Take’) is HIGH and the risk Great, of losing your “Intent $” (about $400) to start the process, if they find ANY reason to deny you the rate you want, or even a loan at all.

    After I googled “complaints Lending Tree” (just a general inquiry I make about ANY company I am going to consider doing business with)~ I found Pages and Pages of Very specific Well Detailed complaints! Anyone who is willing to take the time to write the details to THAT length that I witnessed ~ has had a Legitimate “bone to pick” with the company they are complaining about. (IMO)

    Thanks Jim! for affirming all of us as we go about bargaineering. My motto is “I have more Patience than Money” and I will always ask and wait for a better deal if I know there is one to be had.
    I’m Practically Professional at being frugal~ but living comfortably. I don’t have a paying job, but I say,”my husband makes the money and my job ~ is Saving it!” and it’s almost a full-time Job! very rewarding.

  4. M Stewart says:

    I’ve only been following the the site for about 2 or so months but one thing has already helped me tremendously…–had never heard of it until I read about it in one of the posts or intelligent comments. It is EXACTLY how I want to save with specific goals and so forth.

    Jim, you run a well-written and thought-out site that is permanently bookmarked on one of my six Chrome tabs. I check it every day. Thanks for the hard work.

  5. Misi says:

    Ugh, Yesss!! You are so awesome. I look at each and every article that you write as a tool that I can use and I forward your newsletter to friends and family.

    I love the article providing information on how to repair the damages if your identity is stolen. Great tools and very informative (thanks!). I loved your breakdown on the economy stimulus and who would benefit the most. Your point of view was very helpful in understanding the stimulus package. I loved your review of The Little Book That Makes You Rich. Great book by the way (thanks).

    I feel so lucky to have found your newsletter and I so so grateful for all that you do and then sharing with us. Jim, you are the bestestest everrr!! Please keep up the wonderful wonderful work. =)

    “We must dare to think “unthinkable” thoughts. We must learn to explore all the options and possibilities that confront us in a complex and rapidly changing world.”
    – James William Fulbright

  6. Joyce says:

    Unclogged by bathroom sink with one cup vinegar & one cup baking soda. Read about that in one of your articles. It worked great!

  7. billsnider says:

    I like your website because it has a wide range of financial thoughts in it. It really helps. I also like to share and help when possible.

    Congratulations on a good blog.

    Bill Snider

  8. Shirley says:

    The very fact that I have logged in to read this blog every single day for the last five or six months tells me that I am certainly enjoying it and benefitting from reading it.

    Your topics are well chosen and quite diversified, your observations are well substantiated and researched, and your questions are thought provoking. I particularly enjoy the ‘Devil’s Advocate’ columns. Thank you for all of that and a job very well done.

    I have learned a great deal more than I ever expected to know about the world of investing and finances and my take-away is increased self-confidence and positive action in the stability of my own financial situation.

  9. zapeta says:

    I wouldn’t say I’ve had a success story that stands out, but every day I read the blog and there is always something that helps me get closer to my goals. Thank you!

  10. ziglet19 says:

    Pretty much a “ditto” to some of the posts above – I enjoy the variety of topics you cover and I seem to contantly learn things from your articles. Thanks!

  11. lostAnnfound says:

    just the knowledge that I gain each time I read articles here makes me feel successful because it helps me to get closer to my financial goals.

    A couple of things:
    1. recently called to cancel cable and had the bill lowered by $70.00 per month.

    2. I had opened an ING account a couple years ago (after reading at a different PF blog), but started taking advantage of the referral program there after reading about it here and have made $100.00 in the past year just from referrals here from your auctions.

    Those are a couple small things, but they all add up in the long run.

    All really enjoy reading all the comments. so many different points of view, you never know what you’ll come away with.

    Thanks for having us here! 🙂

  12. Harsh says:

    My wife recently enrolled for a Management course. Thanks to your post we took advantage of the “Free Amazon Prime for Students”. With our daughter’s 1st b’day fast approaching I am sure this will prove to be v useful. Thank you Jim 🙂

  13. ALTAMESE says:


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