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Best 0% APR Credit Cards

Gone are the days when you couldn’t walk to your mail box without a credit card offering 0% on balance transfers [3] or 0% on purchases [4] hitting you in the face (or one touting they had the best cash back credit card [5]). With the recent credit crisis and all the bank failures, credit card issuers are holding onto their cards tighter and tighter. Despite the climate, there are still many 0% APR credit cards out there with attractive offers as long as you can find them and as long as you qualify. The credit requirements are higher than they once were but they are still reasonable as long as you have good credit. If you’re unsure about your credit, you can use one of the free credit score estimate tools [6] to get a better idea of where you stand.

So, what makes a great 0% APR credit card and what justifies its inclusion on my lists?

Below, I’ll list the card that I believe offers the best credit cards [7] in their class for 0% APR balance transfers or 0% APR on purchases along with some “runners up,” with comparable offers.

Best 0% Balance Transfers Credit Card

Citi Platinum Select Card [8] – 0% APR for purchases for 21 months and balance transfers for 21 months*. One nice thing about Citi cards is that they will send you a check directly, though the interest rates after the transfer expires aren’t as good; so it depends on your financial plan.

One word of warning about balance transfers, you must request a balance transfer and not a cash advance. Don’t fill out one of the checks they send you, that’s a cash advance. Cash advances do not have a 0% APR rate, they have the standard purchase rate plus the 3% cash advance fee (minimum of $5). Do not go to an ATM and withdraw money, that is also a cash advance. Call the credit card company and specifically request a balance transfer.

Best 0% Purchases Credit Card

The best 0% on purchases credit card right now is the Citi Platinum Select Card [9] because it offers both a 0% on purchases for 21 months and a 0% on balance transfers for 21 months, based on your credit history. There is no annual fee and it has all the features you’ve come to expect from a Citi card including online account access, 0% liability on unauthorized charges, travel accident insurance, and car rental insurance.

Runner-Up 0% APR on Purchases Cards

Not sure if you want a 0% balance transfer or a 0% on purchases offer? Get the Citi Platinum Select Card [9] because it offers both!