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Best Business Credit Cards

My friend Matt started a business and wanted to know what the best business credit card was. I’ll list what I consider the best options below but in general here’s what I look for:

Best Business Credit Cards

Citi has a new AT&T Universal Business Rewards Card [3] that offers 0% APR on purchases for six months, a great benefit if you’re just starting a business and need some start-up capital. It also gives you 5% rewards on AT&T products and services purchased through AT&T, to help defray the cost of some of your utilities. You can also get 3% rewards on purchases at some office supply merchants, gas stations, and “professional services.” Finally you get 1% rewards everywhere else.

This is the card I’d recommend if you’re in the market for a business credit card. I list the other two options for completeness sake but this Citi card is what I would recommend because you don’t run into the problem of card acceptance.

I use the American Express Business Gold [4] because I took advantage of a $250 promotion [5] they ran a few years ago. Since then, I’ve stuck with the card and it’s $125 annual fee because they give a 5% discount on Yahoo Search Marketing advertising, I’ve accrued a ton of points and their rewards catalog actually has things I want (at favorable point conversion rates). They’re one of the most well known names in the business card world because a lot of large corporations use them but there are some big downsides, such as the annual fee and the less than universal acceptance of AMEX cards.

I would not recommend this card for a startup. You need to keep costs low and having to pay $125 a year, as little as that seems, is money wasted.