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Best Internet Fax to Email Options

I don’t use a fax machine much and we don’t own a fax machine at home, which might be surprising to know since I work from home all the time. In fact, we’re one of the growing number of homes where we don’t even have a landline phone – we rely strictly on our cell phones. This means that even with a fax machine, we wouldn’t be able to send or receive faxes.

Until now, we mitigated this by using the fax machine where my wife worked. Since she quit her job [3], we no longer have access to a convenient and free fax.

So what options do we have?

FedEx Office Print & Ship Center

Since I send and receive faxes very infrequently, I wanted to see what à la carte options there were. Kinko’s, now Fedex, seemed like the best bet so I called a local FedEx Office Print & Ship Center to find out their rates.

To send, they quoted me $2.49 for the first page, $1.49 for each additional page on long distance numbers. To receive, they quoted $1.49 for the first page and $0.99 for each additional page.

Internet Fax Services

With the a la carte baseline, I looked to some internet fax services to see how they compared. In general, they were subscriptions based with a sizable number of “free” faxes each month. If you exceeded the included number of send and receive fax pages, then you’d pay per page. With all of these services, you receive faxes through email and you send your documents online.

Here were some of the options I found:

Fax Zero

Fax Zero [4] is an ad-supported free fax service that lets you send faxes for free. With their free fax package, you can send three pages max, twice a day as long as you’re OK with an advertisement on the cover page. They also have a pay version, $1.99 per fax with a maximum of 15 pages. I don’t know what kind of ads they run or the quality of the service.


MyFax [5] has three levels of service, you can get a 30 day trial of their cheapest plan.

Here are their options:


eFax [6] is another popular Fax to Email service that is slightly more expensive than MyFax. They too offer a 30-day trial and they offer an impressive suite of tools.

Here are their service plans:

Did we miss any options we should consider?